Shenseea’s Son Rajeiro Applying Pressure On Her To Get Pregnant: ‘I want A Sibling’

Shenseea son Rajeiro Lee
Shenseea, Rajeiro Lee

Shenseea’s son is applying the pressure on her to give him a sibling.

Rajeiro Lee, son of popular dancehall artiste Shenseea, announced his wish to have a sibling to his mom’s 4.7 million Instagram followers on November 28, following a Live session.

ShenYeng, looking noticeably ill, took to Instagram to shed some light on her ongoing medical condition. Shenseea informed fans that she was suffering from a hematoma and detailed how she struggled to get appropriate medical attention while in the states.

In the subsequent series of clips posted to her Instagram stories, her close relationship with her son was showcased as she jokingly filmed him popping the big question. First kissing her on her cheeks and lips, Raj, who did not at first realize he was being filmed, then turned to the camera and started to ramble on to which his mom stated, “Think before you speak.” Raj then declared to the camera hesitantly his wish to have a sibling.

“I said I wonder if you are gonna get pregnant again,” Raj laughed to his mother, who can be seen resting in the bed beside her son.

“Mi nah get pregnant again, mi love,” noted Shenseea in response.

To that, Raj once again declared rather firmly, “You’re gonna get pregnant again so I can have a sibling because I like…I want to have a sibling.” The two then went back and forth with the “Trending Gyal” singer telling her son plain and straight that he will not be getting a sibling.

Showcasing his brilliant mind and flair for being a cute character, Raj then turned to the fans for their support on the matter. “I am having a sibling…guys tell her in the comments if you want to see me have a sibling,” he quipped.

Shenseea then replied, “Mi nuh know who and you…at this point…then you will be fine…yuh nuh need nuh sibling.”

Shenseea Rajeiro
Shenseea, Rajeiro

With many of her male fans steadily throwing themselves at the singer in her comments and her DMs, Shenseea has noted time and time again that she is, in fact, single, so it is not surprising that she has shot down Raj’s wishes for a sibling. The “Upset” songstress has been plagued with rumors of her dating her manager, Romiech Major, for years. Both parties have denied the relationship rumors on multiple occasions, but fans have remained vigilant on speculations of more between the pair.

“At the end of the day, we are free to do anything that we want, we are not obligated to nobody, and if we are together mi nuh need fi tell nobody that, our personal life different from business life,” stated Romeich in a previous interview.

Incidentally, Romeich recently unveiled a picture of his newborn daughter, Skye, on social media, which helped to cool the air of the dating rumors with Shenseea. Declaring herself the baby’s godmother, ShenYeng wished Romiech congratulations.

In a recent interview, Shenseea had also divulged that she hasn’t been with anyone since her mom passed away in 2020. “It gets lonely sometimes, now it gets lonely but I feel like it’s necessary because I haven’t been with somebody since my mom died. And the reason for that is because I’ve been at my worse when my mom died, depressed, suicidal. You feel mi so it’s like where I am right now, I am not even at where I was before my mom died but I am on my way and I still haven’t reached that level of happiness, that level of peace of mind yet,” stated the “Blessed” singer.

Romeich, who acts as a father figure to her son Raj, isn’t the only beau that Shenseea has been rumored to be with. She has been in the spotlight previously with talks of being pregnant for Canadian rapper Drake. She was also recently seen candle shopping with producer London on da Track, and she has been tied into relationship rumors with producer Rvssian, rappers Meek Mill and 21 Savage. Shenseea continues to deny all of these rumors doubling down that she plans to focus solely on her career, noting that she’s “married to the music.”

Her debut album will be dropping in the early months of 2022 as it is already completed. For now, the singer can be caught on stage at multiple events worldwide in countries such as the United States and Dubai.