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Drake Gifted DJ Khaled Fresh Pair Of Nike Nocta Hot Step Sneakers

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Drake, DJ Khaled

Drake made sure DJ Khaled, who is a sneaker head, was among the first to get a fresh pair of his new Nike Nocta Hot Step sneakers.

By now, we know that international hip-hop star Drake is a big spender. That spending doesn’t just apply to himself either, as he’s been known to splurge on gifts for his friends as well. Point and case, his latest gift to DJ Khaled.

The We The Best Music Group chief expressed both his shock and gratitude for the gift in a short video clip as he shared the moment that he received Drake’s soon-to-be-released Nocta Hot Step. The sneaker line is supposed to arrive next month (March 3rd).

“I get home, I got a package, and I’ve been waiting for these,” Khaled says in the video which was uploaded to Instagram.

Evidently excited, he goes on to detail how much he had been looking for a pair of the sneakers, even mentioning that at one point, he contacted Nike but still couldn’t get his hands on a pair.

“Yo, Drake, thank you so much because I’ve been calling all my connects for these. I’ve been calling all my connects, I even called Nike and they said they ain’t got any yet, but they said if you get ’em early, it’s ‘cuz Drake sent ’em,” he added.

The super producer went on to thank the OVO boss as he let them know that he is appreciative and grateful for his friend’s gesture. It wouldn’t be Khaled if he didn’t try to get something more. As he lauds Drake for getting him the sneakers, he also makes an appeal for a black pair and a black and yellow pair as well.

DJ Khaled also made it clear he would take any of them, even if they were samples. “And I need that suit that you wore, from when you performed with Future at Super Bowl, like that nylon suit? I need that whole set. I need that hoodie that you wore at Super Bowl, oh yeah,” he continued.

Khaled ended the video with some great news for fans as he mentioned that they might soon be going into “album mode” as he promised that he would call Drake to finish a conversation they had in the backyard.

He’s been hinting for some time now that they have a collab on the way, and it seems that this video may be the confirmation that some fire is on the way.