Rock’s Living Legend Mick Jagger All Smiles On Vacation In Jamaica

Mick Jagger Jamaica
Mick Jagger Jamaica

The vibrant and hyperactive frontman for The Rolling Stones, Sir Mick Jagger, dropped in on Portland Jamaica, for a little break before “things get busy!”

The love story between Rolling Stone’s living legend Mick Jagger and Jamaica blossomed many moons ago when the English rock group journeyed to Jamaica to record their album Got Head Soup which was released in 1973. The group recorded throughout November and December, with very little time to relax or check out the beauties of the island. Their only downtime came at the Terra Nova Hotel (formerly Chris Blackwell’s) where they stayed in Kingston. According to an article in The Rolling Stone, Jagger had visited the island before 1973 to vacation.

The reason for Jagger’s most recent visit to Jamaica is unclear. However, the caption he left on his official Instagram page does give a hint.

“A little downtime before things get busy!” The 78-year-old superstar wrote. The Englishman who was knighted in 2003 by The Prince of Wales dropped a photo dump of himself spending time in and around the North-Eastern side of Jamaica, specifically Portland, where the elites usually go to play. In one photo, he dropped by Port Antonio’s Roof Night Cub, which has been in operation for nearly 40 years. He also took some time to soak up some of the local artwork when he allowed his white button-down to blend effortlessly against a green wall holding a symbolic mural.

Mick Jagger clutches his guitar in another photo while flashing a smile in front of the background of beautiful palm trees and the Caribbean Sea.

Local produce was also fresh on his mind and hands as he spoke with local vendors to possibly grab some local Otaheite apples, tomatoes, ginger, and papayas. In 1973 Jagger found getting food in Jamaica to be his biggest challenge yet.

Mick Jagger
Mick Jagger / IG

While speaking to Magzter Magazine in 2020, during downtime brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Jagger explained the mindset behind Goat Head Soup, and there were no reggae tracks.

“There we were with our Jamaican record, with not the slightest influence of reggae on any of the tracks. I think we consciously steered away from it: ‘We’re in Jamaica. We’re not going to make a Jamaican-influenced record.’ We went all the way on that one,” Jagger said.

Things would change a few years later when The Stones teamed up with musical rebel and former Wailer Peter Tosh. Tosh would go on to sign to the band’s label where he released three projects. One of the standout hits from the debut project was (You Gotta Walk) Don’t Look Back released in 1978 on Tosh’s Bush Doctor album. The track was a remake of The Temptations’ hit released in 1965. Tosh also accompanied The Stones on their American tour as their opening act in 1978. Sadly, the Jamaican singer would part ways with the band in 1981.

In 2016 Mick Jagger endorsed the opening of the Peter Tosh Museum in Kingston, even though he was not able to make it in person due to conflicting tour dates. He referenced his surprise entrance on SNL during the late 70s as one of the greatest moments working with Tosh.

Last year, Jagger completed the North American No Filter Tour a year later than scheduled. Therefore, it would be interesting to see if the frontman gets back on stage this year.