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Mary J. Blige Explains How She Link With Dr. Dre To Produce Her Album

Mary J. Blige has one of the most highly anticipated new albums coming out this year thanks in part to Dr. Dre taking on the production duties.

The R&B legend was the only woman in last week’s Super Bowl lineup featuring the legendary Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, and Dr. Dre. Still, the fashion and confidence seen by viewers was the culmination of much background work.

In a new interview on The Breakfast Club, the Power Book II: Ghost actress noted that she was nervous during the performance.

“I was nervous at rehearsals, I was nervous period,” she began. “But when I hit that stage, I was like whatever,” she laughed.

After Mary J. Blige’s performance, the queen of Hip Hop soul said she was relieved after being part of a historic moment in music. The Super Bowl is the height of show business, and some of the biggest artists have had the opportunity to grace the stage, like Madonna, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez.

“How I felt like you get tired of fighting. You know just tired, you just pass out,” she said about the end of her set where she fell to the ground.

The “No More Drama” artist also spoke about her upcoming album to be produced by the legendary Dr. Dre. According to Mary J. Blige, she has always wanted Dr. Dre to produce her album, and his disclosure wasn’t planned, so everything just fell into place.

“We didn’t plan it, we just talked about it. That was something I always wanted to do like do a produced album by Dr. Dre because everything he does you’re going to get smash hits and you know it’s gonna be excellent, It’s Dre, it’s gonna be amazing, you know, I was like ‘Yo this is going to be dream come true for me I want you to produce an album for me’, and he was like ‘oh my god! it’s a dream come true for me’ and then boom it’s really happening,” she said.

Mary J. Blige also responded to Charlamagne Tha God, who expressed doubt that Dr. Dre would actually come through and not make mere promises.

“Nah not with me, I’m on it, all over it, ever since we had the listening session, he’s sending stuff back to me so it’s really happening,” she said confidently.

It’s unclear when the album will be released, but Mary is coming back with lessons on how to top hip hop soul for the youngins in the industry.