Boosie Badazz Salutes London On Da Track For Bagging Shenseea: “U The Truth”

London Boosie
London On Da Track, Boosie Badazz

Boosie Badazz gave London On Da Track his stamp of approval for bagging Shenseea.

Shenseea and London On Da Track have been a hot topic since photographed together holding hands at the 2022 Super Bowl LVI on Sunday. The latest to chime in on the spiraling dating chatters is Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz, who hailed London on da Track for what seems to be his taste in women.

“LONDON ON Da TRACK GOT @SHENYENG U THE TRUTH BRO I SALUTE U BRO. #ukeepwinning,” the Baton Rouge rapper wrote on Twitter on Tuesday (February 15).

While many social media users took the tweet as a simple joke given Boosie’s comical persona, others have been looking beyond and are investigating what the rapper could be implying or spilling.

“Is he saying she’s hard to get?” one person questioned, and another responded, “Nope he’s saying he got first dibs and he keeps getting first dibs on the new meat….she better be careful.”

Others are adamant that the tweet, especially the hashtag, is an admission that some sort of bet was placed on the artiste, who is still fresh on the international scene.

“Maybe he’s saying London made a bet,” one user speculated.

Shenseea and London On Da Track were rumored to be dating for some time. Last year, the two were spotted shopping for candles at the mall, but neither had addressed the dating gossip that evolved. This may be why many social media users took Sunday’s public display of affection (PDA) as confirmation that the two are, in fact, romantically involved.

Shenseea has since reacted to the photo telling folks he was just holding her hands to help her from not falling.

Of course, this explanation went with the wind for most users, especially after the “Blessed” singer posted pictures and videos of endless amounts of candles, red roses, and balloons that she received from a special someone on Valentines’ Day. “Love it here,” she captioned the post.

Many social media users are adamant that the record producer is the man behind the romantic gifts, but Shenseea is yet to provide a name or face.

The Jamaican deejay, who is taking her time to blossom into a Popstar, is usually private with her love life but sometimes leaves clues for the public to piece together.

The deejay has hardly ever addressed dating rumors, but some fans speculate that this one may be the real deal, while others think it’s a stunt.

Shenseea insists she is still single, but that isn’t stopping her from accepting a nice Valentine’s Day treat. Their relationship might all be a PR stunt ahead of her debut album. Only time will tell.

Boosie Badazz previously criticized London On Da Track’s ex-girlfriend Summer Walker for allegedly cheating on him with her new boyfriend.