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6ix9ine’s Manager Wack 100 Collab With NBA YoungBoy Coming This Year

Tekashi 6ix9ine NBA YoungBoy
6ix9ine, NBA YoungBoy

Wack 100, who now manages 6ix9ine, confirms the rainbow haired rapper got a collaboration in the works with NBA YoungBoy coming this year.

Fans have long wondered about the exact nature of the relationship between Wack 100 and hip-hop’s most infamous snitch, 6ix9ine. Now thanks to a recent interview, Wack 100 has confirmed that he is, in fact, Tekashi’s manager. He made the disclosure while speaking to Complex.

According to Wack, he has full control over 6ix9ine‘s career although their relationship started out as a business partnership. He explained that it started off as a business partner situation but soon developed into more and that he is now helping the “YAYA” rapper with his next project.

Wack 100 also added that Tekashi is still signed to Create Music Group and 10K, but he’s taking the reins on the management side to make sure everything is above board and that the rollout is right.

“What he gets with me is a guy answering his phone calls and emails. He gets a guy that makes sure his marketing is right, his radio is right, his pub is right, his splits are right. And he gets the resources I have to open those doors up that may have been closed on him,” he added.

The pair seemed to develop their working relationship after they appeared together on Akademiks’ new podcast last July. At another time, he said that he had about $43 million of business with 6ix9ine.

During a Clubhouse conversation, he said, “It’s been about 30 or 45 days since I did the interview party on Clubhouse, right?”

He added, “So in the last 45 days, I probably done set up $43 million of business and I ain’t seen the kid.”

Compared to his usual antics, 6ix9ine has been pretty quiet since his release from prison. The last fans heard from him was back in October of last year when he was selling NFTs priced at hundreds of dollars per item.

The NFTs depicted a cartoonish digital version of 6ix9ine, and the sales were supposed to help charities of his choosing. His last project TattleTales was in 2020.

In the same interview, Wack 100 revealed that he is spearheading the 6ix9ine and NBA YoungBoy collaboration. “6ix9ine got something coming with NBA YoungBoy that I’m putting together. So y’all look out for that. 2022, we coming,” he said.