Tai’Aysha, Saweetie Samples Shabba Ranks Classic ‘Ting-A-ling’ On ‘One Night Ting’

Tai'Aysha and Saweetie
Tai’Aysha and Saweetie ‘One Night Ting’ album cover

Tai’Aysha’s latest single, “One Night Ting,” featuring Saweetie, is projected to make waves in the coming weeks. The new hit on the block is rigged with some Shabba Ranks style- Jamaican flavor that may have it charting and even winning awards if fans have it their way.

“One Night Ting,” which was released on Wednesday (February 2), interpolates some lyrics and instrumentals from Shabba Ranks’ 1992 hit single “Ting-A-Ling.”

The 23-year-old up-and-coming artiste is the latest of many to sample the classic, which was the first song on Shabba’s Grammy-winning album, X-Tra Naked. The song has so far given flavor to tracks like “Name Ring Bells” by Wale, “Shabba” by A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg, and “Wednesday Night Interlude” by Drake and PARTYNEXTDOOR. “Ting-A-Ling” itself sampled Bunny Wailer’s 1982 track, “Back To School.”

Fans have commended Tai’Aysha, who is a former playboy model, for making at least two honorable decisions that should help to bolster her career, sampling the Dancehall icon and collaborating with Saweetie. Saweetie, who has been receiving praises for supporting the blossoming artiste since the song dropped, totally bodied the second verse.

Tai’Aysha, who is Dominican and Cambodian, in an interview with PEOPLE, also admitted to enjoying the collaboration. She noted that the song was about “cutting loose, letting go, and throwing yourself into the night.”

In a YouTube vlog, the Atlantic Records singer said she is inspired by a plethora of genres. “I have a little bit of everything. I feel like I have every single genre hit on the head. I have super pop stuff, dancehall tracks, I have R&B stuff, so I feel like I have a really universal thing. I love everybody, so I want everybody to love me and my craft,” she stated.

Well, based on comments about the latest track and energy-filled music video, the singer is on the right track to getting everybody’s love and support.

“I LOVE IT!!! All your hard work has paid off, this is amazing!” one person said, while another commended, “Congratulations Tai. I just have the chorus stuck in my head. Wish you the best in your career.”

The song was produced by Jamaican producer Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, and the music video was produced by Shiri Fauer and Bruno Breil and directed by Cameron Dean.