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Safaree & Cisco Throw Hands Instead Of Burying Hatchet On Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion

Safaree in Jamaica
Safaree Samuels in Jamaica

Things got heated on the set of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Family Reunion edition when Cisco Rosado and Safaree Samuels put their paws on each other.

Tensions have been high between the two ever since Safaree’s no-show at Cisco’s aunt’s party. The music executive has not been taking things lightly, having paged Safaree on at least 2 occasions to speak about the matter. In last week’s episode, Cisco dropped by Stevie J’s Pool Party to have a conversation with the Jamaican rude boy. Sadly things may have not gone how Cisco would have liked when he faced push-back from Safaree, as well as a blockade from felow Creep Squad members Peter Gunz and Rich Dollaz.

Things played out differently on the brand new episode of the Family Reunion when Safaree and Cisco met each other on the morning of Stevie J’s party to bury their hatchet. The drama began when Cisco offloaded his impending issues with the rapper.

“First one is, I don’t understand what that was the other night. I came to talk to you as a friend, you took the opportunity to take my f**king friendship and kindness and turn up. I don’t know what that was about,” Cisco mentioned.

Cisco moved on to his second grievance with Safaree, where he alleged that the rapper was talking ill about him and his crew to Peter. “I’m a little confused, I thought we was cool,” Cisco remarked.

The tensions immediately reached a feverish pitch between the two and Safaree didn’t hold back on letting his anger known.

“Yo! I’m about to slap the sh*t outta you,” he said after removing his signature shades and charging towards Cisco.

“You crazy? You slapped me?” Cisco questioned.

“Stop playing with me,” Safaree shouted as both men were held by members from the film crew. Safaree continued to hurl a myriad of insults at his current nemesis before walking away from the battleground.

“Safaree got to be out of his mind to talk to me like this. He’s definitely ain’t built for this type of action. Brother, I promise you, you don’t want this smoke because I will fold you,” Cisco warned in his post-interview.

It should be interesting to see just how the drama unfolds when these two men see each other again on the upcoming episodes of the hit reality tv-show.