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Joe Budden Says Kanye West’s ‘Donda 2’ Will Be ‘Most Toxic’ Album Ever With Future At Helm

Joe Budden
Joe Budden

Joe Budden says Kanye West’s Donda 2 will be the most toxic project ever with Future as executive producer.

During a recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast, the hosts talked about Kanye West‘s upcoming sequel Donda 2. Joe Budden seems particularly keen on the saga telling his co-hosts that he is looking forward to it. While he doesn’t foresee the project arriving on its promised release date, Budden expects the second installment to Kanye’s mother’s namesake to have some toxic bars.

Donda 2 is currently slated to be released on February 22, 2021, and is reportedly executively produced by Future. According to Joe Budden, the duo is a recipe for “some toxic sh*t.” The rapper-turned-podcast host thinks Ye has a lot to say and it will all come out in the music. Over on the Joe Budden Podcast, the host discussed his projections and excitement for the upcoming album with his fellow co-hosts.

While he does not expect the album to arrive on time, Joe does see it arriving as soon as summer. “If he is announcing February 22nd then it could be summer,” Budden said. “I think this is the most toxic sh*t in the universe,” he explained. “And for it to be as impactful as the most toxic sh*t in the universe, it has to be somewhat near real-time.”

He continued, “I think this is a counter and a rebuttal. I don’t think his plan was to drop so early. That’s an assumption. That’s speculation from Joe. But he can’t hold this too long. I think he’s been looking at what he deems to be a movie and a script, and he’s been trying to reply the best he could, but he’s a musician.”

“So, he’s going to reply in music and he’s gonna go get the ‘toxicest’ of the toxic kings.” Joe added, alluding to Future.

Budden’s co-hosts were doubtful that Future will actually be executively producing the album based on what we know about Kanye West. “I don’t know that Kanye can have an [Executive Producer] in the real sense of the word but as close as you get to it,” said Budden.

The podcaster gave the first installment of Donda a great review last year, calling it a “genius, brilliant, masterpiece” at the time. He says he is now excited for the follow-up to arrive.