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Lauren Smith-Fields Family Thanks Cardi B For Help Bringing Awareness To Her Case

Cardi B
Cardi B

Cardi B is using his platform to help bring more awareness to the case of Lauren Smith-Fields.

Police are still investigating the death of Lauren Smith, who was tragically found dead at a house weeks ago, but there has been no concrete end to her case even as her family members urged police to dig further and arrest the person who killed her. A suspect has not been named as police say the death is an accidental drug overdose.

Among those who have been following the case is Cardi B, whom the family is thanking for pressuring police to act further in bringing closure to the family.

Smith-Fields was found dead in her house from an alleged apparent drug overdose. The police have ruled her death an accidental overdose of drugs, but the family has been in the media pressing the police to investigate further as her death does not add up.

They claim that Smith-Fields was found dead in her Connecticut apartment after she returned from a date with a white man named is Matthew LaFountain, and they met on the dating app Bumble.

Cardi B has been following the case too and took to Twitter, where she called on the police to do more. The tweet, which was sent to millions of fans, brought the case to the forefront as many demanded justice for Smith-Fields. Her family on Thursday shared that they were grateful to Cardi for using her platform to raise awareness of the case as well as urging more police involvement.

According to NBC News, the family’s lawyer Darnell Crossland said that the rapper’s support was important in asking police to turn her case into a homicide case. Shortly after the tweet, Connecticut police began an official investigation.

The celebrity news site also invited the Grammy-winning rapper to continue to follow the investigation and keep in touch with the family either directly or virtually at their home in Connecticut.

The latest with the Smith-Fields case was that Connecticut’s Chief Coroner’s office determined had concluded that her death was an “accident.” According to the Coroner, the 23-year-old influencer died of “acute poisoning due to the combined effects of fentanyl, promethazine, hydroxyzine, and alcohol.”

The woman was unresponsive in her apartment on December 12, 2021. However, the family believes there’s foul play involved as she has never had a history of drug use.

They also criticized the Bridgeport Police Department, whom they singled out and said were negligent in the investigation. The family claims, among other things, that the “investigation” was a cover-up, and police failed to notify the family of the young woman after her death.

Police initially labeled her death as dying unexpectedly, and the family says they were not notified of the death but later found out from a note posted to her apartment door by the landlord two days later.