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DaBaby Clowned On Twitter For New R&B Song “Sneaky Link Anthem”

Dababy Sneaky Link
Dababy / YouTube

DaBaby is trying to widen his music range, but it seems his venturing into singing is not resonating with fans who feel his latest song, “Sneaky Link Anthem,” is trash.

It could be that DaBaby brings a sour taste to the mouth of listeners or his song is just not hitting as he expected.

Yesterday, the rapper shared his diversified sound “Sneaky Link Anthem,” complete with a video that credits him as director. In the track, he raps some verses but attempts to sing the hook.

“They so sneaky,” he sings with Auto-Tune. “They don’t know, they don’t know, sneakyyyyyyy,” is repeated four times to complete the hook.

The song, however, was not received well by fans of the rapper who dragged him on Instagram and Twitter.

“Nah he owes me money for listening to this,” said one Twitter user.

“This is the worst piece of music I’ve ever heard in my life,” one said while another added, “Dababy is on another level to these other rappers. That level is, unfortunately, the very bottom.”

Fans continued to drag the rapper on Sunday, and on Monday, he continued to trend. DaBaby is attempting to make a comeback following a very bad 2021 after he was canceled for his nasty comments at Rolling Loud in Miami in July, which led to more than a dozen brands dropping him from music festivals across the United States.

Problems for the rapper did not stop as while things appeared to be improving, the rapper was viewed negatively for the way he treated his ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter DaniLeigh.

DaBaby was seen on live video attempting to kick DaniLeigh and her 3-months-old baby out of his house. He also called the police on her, and she was later charged with simple assault.

It seems that all of the behavior of DaBaby has turned off fans when it comes to his music.

Here’s what some folks are saying on Twitter.