Spice Seemingly Diss Shenseea In New Song ‘Different Category’: “Battery Dolly”

Spice Shenseea
Spice, Shenseea

Spice drops off a fiery new song “Different Category” where she seemingly diss Shenseea and likely her ex-dancers.

Spice has released her first single for the new year that already has tongues wagging. Social media users are speculating that the track, which was released on Thursday, is a ‘diss tune’ geared towards Shenseea and Spice’s former dancers, TC, Rebel, and Pretti Pretti.

The song, titled “Different Category,” is the first song from the self-declared Queen of Dancehall in almost three months. The hardcore track aims at her haters and female opponents in the industry without specifically naming a target. She does so while solidifying her position as the top female in Dancehall.

The song opens with a list of several things that Spice believes can be compared between her and her opponents but notes that despite all this, there is still a big difference.

“We shop the same clothes from the same place, we got the same pretty face, same small waist, maybe the same man we got the same taste, the same long hair, we got the same lace,” she opens.

The deejay continues to list similarities between her and her haters before declaring, “everything is the same but get it straight, we got the same thing, we anuh the same thing, gyal mi deh a first class, yuh deh a di ………continue hating, we anuh the same thing, we got the same but we anuh the same.”

In emphasizing her point, the 39-year-old “So Mi Like It” singer added, “Gyal a gwan, a carry on, but mi deh pan another level mi nuh si dem a tall.”

While the entire song has caught the ears of the Dancehall audience, who praised the artiste for her “sick” flow, many followers pointed out a specific line that seems to hint at who the song may be directed at.

“Mi nuh ordinary mi inna different category, gyal affi a watch mi like a me a dem enquiry. Battery dolly, whole a dem just envy me,” Spice spits, while repeating her stance that she is in a ‘different category’ than others.

Notably, Shenseea had released her first single for the new year titled, “Dolly” which has been making waves across the media platforms. The song sees Shenseea referring to her beauty and classifying herself as a ‘dolly’ alongside Pretti Pretti, TC, and Rebel (who originally started the dolly trend in Dancehall).

Spice and Shenseea have not necessarily been seeing eye to eye, with the two subtly shading each other on social media over the past few years. Eyebrows were raised when Spice’s former dancers were spotted rocking with the “Trending Gyal” artiste in the music video. Now, Spice’s use of the term “Battery Dolly” in her newest single has convinced fans and followers that the song is a diss track directed at the four women.

“But wait… is Spice calling Shenseea a battery dolly?” one person tweeted, while another commented,” Shots fired. Wooooii battery dolly.”

Despite conversations around the “dolly” vs “battery dolly” controversy, Spice, born Grace Hamilton, has not commented on the speculations.

Instead, the deejay promoted, “New song called Different Category, you forced me to put it on my YouTube and @troytonmusic haven’t officially released it as yet.”

The song, produced by Troyton Music, is expected to dominate the YouTube trending charts soon, gaining over 23,000 views in a few hours.