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Popcaan Wants Direct Flights Between Jamaica & Ghana, Gov’t Respond


There’s no doubt that dancehall superstar Popcaan enjoys the motherland. The versatile artist has been known to spend long stretches of time in various parts of Africa but his heart seems to lie in Ghana.

So much so, that last week he made a plea for direct flights between Jamaica and the country. It was so important a cause for him that he used his powerful social media presence to get his message out.

In his first tweet for 2022, Popcaan said, “Happy new year everyone to the government of ghana and Jamaica, we need a straight flight from Jamaica to ghana!!! Make it happen please thanks in advance.”

Of course, the Unruly Boss has his own reasons why he wants travel to be easier between the two countries. For one he’s a homeowner in Ghana and his affinity for the country runs deep as he recently announced that he would be launching his next album there. He didn’t share many details about it but it’s obvious that the country is dear to his heart.

Popcaan’s request could be granted even though it may take some serious planning as there are many obstacles to overcome. That’s at least what senior strategist in the Ministry of Tourism Delano Seiveright thinks. Despite that, he’s given his nod of approval in making the possibility a reality.

Seiveright made the comments while speaking with Loop Jamaica about the feasibility of such a trip. He reiterated that it is a very arduous task but said that he felt sure it could be done.

He also explained that over the last few years, Jamaica’s Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has sought to ensure that tourism grows exponentially and that could mean trying to make the impossible, possible. Through that type of approach, Jamaica has already established direct flights to countries like Peru, Poland, and Russia, he continued.

Added to that the ministry is also working on trying to have one of the big Middle East carriers service Jamaica in the near future. If this happens then it’s absolutely possible there could be a new and wide array of connecting flights network into much of Africa. This is something that the “Risky” deejay can take comfort in, he added.

Another reason that the request is not out of reach is the fact that in December 2020, Jamaica welcomed its first non-stop flight with Nigeria.

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“Nonetheless, this was a special charter led by Elizabeth Agboola, who runs Nigerians Travel Too, with lots of coordination with Jamaica’s and Nigeria’s governments,” he added.

The problem with the plan at this point in time is the finances he went on to explain. It simply isn’t financially viable to operate non-stop flights between the two countries at this time. That also has to do with the fact that the market between the two countries remains very limited. This includes both tourism and business.

Also, the flight would take at least 12 hours so without full flights, the airline would surely lose because of the costs associated with high fuel and other operational costs.

Even though it may require a tremendous amount of work, he added that he believes that it could become a reality because of the growing middle class in Africa that wants to travel more as well as Jamaica’s genuine interest in exploring Africa.