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Popcaan Denies He Was Robbed Of His Diamonds: “Ghana A Me Yard”

Popcaan in Ghana

Popcaan is not happy with the news reports claiming that he was “rescued” by Ghana Police Service members in the African nation at an event gone awry on Jan 4, 2022.

Fans of the artist shared their concerns online after a 1:45 seconds video shared online alleged that the artist was attacked by robbers while at a club in East Legon, Accra, Ghana, on Wednesday night.

While neither the Ghana Police Service nor Popcaan have revealed details about the incident, it seems that Popcaan does not agree with reports that he was rescued as reported by the Jamaica Observer on Friday’s news.

The dancehall deejay took to his official account, where he blasted the newspaper in a post he later deleted.

“@jamaicaobserver get unu bomboclat facts straight!! Ghana a me yard. I don’t need to be rescued somewhere I’m highly respected. Stop spread rumour pan man name,” the artist captioned a screenshot of the Observer story with the big headlines: ‘Cops rescue Popcaan’.

The dancehall deejay also goes on to address the claims that there was a robbery attempt on his person.

“All a me diamonds them present, non missing! Never was robbed or touched! So stop spread Bomboclat rumours pan man!” he said, adding the hashtag #POPCAANMUSICORDIE and noting that he was on his way to the Gambia.

Popcaan statement
Popcaan / @popcaanmusic IG

Popcaan did not address whether the news reported by a number of Ghanaian media, including the reputable Daily Guide, reported that three of the alleged robbers were shot dead by police.

Although the Ghana Police Service has updated its Twitter account to say six robbers were killed in Anti-Robbery Intelligence operations within the last two days, it has not been confirmed if any of those are in relation to the incident with Popcaan.

The singer was seen being escorted to his vehicle as he ducked while walking and surrounded by armed men who are presumed to be his security detail and police officers.

Popcaan is well-loved in Ghana, and his exuberant fans have treated him like royalty as the singer frequently shows the reactions of fans when he is driving through villages where they greet his passing car.

Last year, the singer had shared that he had bought a $5.5 million mansion in Ghana and that he had planned to launch his next album in that country. He frequently travels to Ghana and has called on the Jamaican government to work out a straight flight between the two countries that share ancestral familial ties.