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NBA YoungBoy’s Mom, Floyd Mayweather Enjoys Play Date With Grandson Kentrell Jr

NBA YoungBoy mother
NBA YoungBoy & Sherhonda Gaulden

NBA YoungBoy’s mother Sherhonda Gaulden and Floyd Mayweather are now on good terms.

It seems that Floyd Mayweather and Sherhonda had a friendly competition as they bonded over games recently. A video shared by Iyanna ‘Yaya’ Mayweather shows the two young grandparents sparring in a giant playroom.

It was all about balancing, and Sherhonda did not have that as Floyd Mayweather came out on top, perhaps thanks to his athleticism. “Grandma versus Grandpa,” Yaya can be heard shouting as the two tried to jostle each other off balance. It’s a good look for the two who previously had exchanged heated words over issues with NBA Youngboy, who shares a one-year-old son with Yaya Mayweather.

Things had gotten heated between Mayweather and Youngboy while he was in a relationship with Yaya. The issues led to friction between the two families after YoungBoy referred to the boxing legend as a “b*** a– daddy.” It’s unclear what caused NBA’s outburst.

NBA YoungBoy, when he got wind of the comments, instead of addressing the young man, he took a jab at Sherhonda for what he calls poor parenting for her son’s behavior. “It has to do with your upbringing,” Mayweather had said to Hollywood Unlocked. “It starts in the home first.”

Mayweather had also speculated that the young rapper was intoxicated and had a drinking issue at just 20 years old. YoungBoy’s mother did not like Floyd’s comments as she came back to defend her parenting.

“He gon’ say it starts at home. But when I heard that, I really like — I really ain’t pay no attention to it,” Gaulden said in defense of her son YoungBoy, who was born Kentrell Gaulden.

“Any grown person knows you can raise your children to be the best children they want but they gon’ say what they want. They gon’ do what they want,” she continued. “If Kentrell wanted to say he was a b*** a** n****, that’s probably how Kentrell felt at that time.”

She also addressed Mayweather. “If there’s static, there must be — I don’t, I don’t like that sh**. Don’t talk about me. Don’t put my name in your mouth,” she said. “You don’t know me, mister. You don’t know me at all.”

It seems though the parents are on good terms as they enjoy grandparent-hood.