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Tarrus Riley Tribute Late Sister In “Tears of Joy” Video With 10Tik

10Tik Tarrus

Tarrus Riley and dancehall newcome 10Tik have channeled their hurt into a soulful ballad dedicated to preserving the good memories of the loved ones they have lost.

The video opens with both 10Tik and Tarrus Riley, both hugging portraits. Riley took a moment to shine some light on his younger sister Jaffa Joy Riley-Douglas who passed away in June 2021 from a massive heart attack. Tarrus broke the news on his Instagram account with a post highlighting just how tough her death had been on his entire family.

“Honestly it is the worst time in my family life. little sister just passed away and we are going through it. It ruff,” he wrote on his Instagram Story.

2016 was another tough year for the Riley family, which suffered the loss of Reggae stalwart and their dad Jimmy Riley.

2021 was also a bittersweet year for 10Tik, who was forced to mourn the death of his sister in November, following his first successful UK tour.

Both entertainers keep the positive energies flowing throughout the melodious track while reminiscing on times spent together with their loved ones.

“So Soon, Too Soon / and With Tears of Joy We Remember You,” Tarrus sings through the chorus. 10Tik approaches each verse with a sense of reverence as he recounts the unexpected shock of losing someone close.

The original Bush Lawd Yaksta, who has previously collaborated with 10Tik on “Freedom,” is also present, as he provides some wonderful backing ad-libs. He also makes an appearance in the music video, waving his flamed lighter while both Riley and 10Tik perform.

The song is already resonating with individuals all over the world. “Only tarrus rileys voice can transfer the message of this song. Thank you both for this song. I have lost many people in my life. This song helped me healing. Sorry for the bad english. Greetings from Germany,” one viewer shared below the Youtube upload.

You can check out “Tears Of Joy” below.