Spice Gets Tea From Sean Paul’s Wife & Masicka, Demarco, Vershon Baby Mamas On ‘Spice It Up’

Spice Jodi klymax kitty opal
Spice It Up

Spice sat down with some famous wives and girlfriends of dancehall artistes Sean Paul, Masicka, Demarco, and Vershon.

Always a lover of a good ‘mix-up’ session, Queen of Dancehall Spice was back on her weekly Magnum Tonic Wine powered talk show ‘Spice it Up,’ and this week, things got spicy indeed as her guests were none other than the better halves of some of Jamaican’s leading dancehall artistes. Spice went deep and got the women to dish about dating celebrities and dealing with the biggest elephant in any relationship where one partner generates a lot of attention- cheating.

The ‘Go Dung Deh’ artiste invited the wives, ex-girlfriends, and mothers of the children of well-known entertainers such as Demarco, Vershon, Masicka, and Sean Paul to get some insight into their lives. She investigated what it is like being with individuals who are always in the spotlight, who constantly have other women sliding into their DMs trying to get them to step out of their primary relationships and have ‘entanglements.’

The full interview is available on YouTube and MagnumHub featured Jodi ‘Jinx’ Henriques, wife of Sean Paul, Clymaxx, mother to Masicka’s 10-year-old son, Kitty, who has a son with Vershon, and Opal, who has a daughter with Demarco. Season three, episode four, started a bit tame as the questions surrounded songs that the artistes did that they felt some kind of way about or just did not like, and for the most part, the women said that while there were no songs that they didn’t like, some of the lyrical material they did question and wondered if artistes were referring to them or possibly another female.

Vershon’s Baby Mama Kitty

Kitty then shared that she believes that artistes change after they get a ‘buss’ as the newfound fame seems to get to their heads and their friends and handlers begin to make them believe that they are Gods. She also said she has been called a ‘gold digger’ even though she was with Vershon a full year and a half before he got famous, but she was not the kind to create a scene or curse people out as it is just not her personality.

Kitty Spice
Kitty, Spice

She also spoke about how a woman commented under a picture of herself and Vershon with the hashtag ‘#relationship goals’ and then started her own relationship with the man in question. This prompted Spice to interject and state that as of now, no one is to write under any of her pictures with Justin’ relationship goals’ or they are going to have a problem with her.

Kitty said the woman was a homewrecker who kept running to the blogs and going live and trying to instigate a social media war, but she would not give her the time of day, and eventually, she moved on from Vershon and is now living her best life engaged and happy.

Sean Paul Wife Jodi Jinx Henriques

Jinx then admitted that she once turned up to one of Sean’s video shoots and felt intimidated as the video vixen was incredibly stunning in make-up and matching outfit while she had just come from the mall and was dressed in everyday, casual clothes and wasn’t looking particularly hot or sexy.

“There was maybe a girl in a video and after the video I saw some of the behind the scenes and I was cussing a little bit. One time I had turned up at a video shoot and saw the girl and I was like Ohhhhhh… ok then. I thought she was so pretty and felt a little bit insecure and I thought maybe I should just go back to the hotel,” she stated.

Jodi Jinx Spice
Jodi Jinx, Spice

Masicka’s Girlfriend & Baby Mama Clymaxx

Clymaxx, who was once a Magnum Kings & Queen contestant, said that Masicka was a ‘gyallis’ and she got a lot of ‘bun’ when she was pregnant, but she could not allow the drama to affect her emotionally during this period, so she had to step back and let a lot of things go. An Immaculate Conception High graduate, she admitted that while she was in the song competition, she used her intelligence and her words to write her own lyrics to express herself and step out of his shadow.

When it came to misconceptions, Jinx expressed that the public thinks she is ‘stuck-up’ and that she didn’t know how to talk patois, and then when she did use patios, they then turned on her and said she was trying too hard. Hence she realized that in some situations, she will not win as people already have this idea in their head that she is an ‘uptown browning’ that is just riding Sean Paul’s coat tail even though she had a career in media before being with the “Get Busy” artiste.

Though she acknowledged that Vershon has grown and matured as an individual, Kitty stated that it was the infidelity that ultimately drove the nail into the coffin when they were together.

She said, “Bwoy him did bad ennuh. Him dig up the road ennuh. A nuh cheat him just cheat, a bun me get bun man. Dat was some serious bun, me get some bun eena me skin esee. One whole heap a bun.”

When Spice said that he does not look the type, Kitty countered that do not make the mistake of taking his quiet demeanor for sweetness as he is the silent but deadly type.

Demarco Baby Mama Opal

Opal, who has a daughter with Demarco, said that in his case, the infidelity brought forth a child and that he was so good at trying to convince people otherwise that he told people that she was his relative.

“At one point me a him sister. The bun all produce baby. Me dream it ennuh and when me ask him, he went off. Me and the girl pregnant same time and one day him sey me have something fi tell you and him show me him phone with the baby picture. So me sey ok cuz me did done know so all me tell him nuh bada shorten my baby money,” she divulged.

Looking back at it now, she can laugh but back then it was no laughing matter as even the teeth in her mouth started affecting her due to the amount of stress she was under though the dentist assured her that there was nothing wrong with her and she had no cavity. “As women, we go through some things and people see you and don’t know. Nowadays I am stronger. No man can see me now and come wid dem stress. I am older and wiser and know what I want out of a relationship,” she added.

The topics were so juicy that Spice promised that there had to be a part two.