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Quada Says Versi Capping About Writing His Lyrics But Saddened By Popcaan Feud

Popcaan Quada Wellbad

Quada has expressed disappointment in the ongoing feud between former friends Popcaan and Versi, who shared a heated exchange on social media on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old deejay, who was a part of Popcaan’s Unruly Empire and who appears to have also been friendly with the producer, took to his Instagram story to share some thoughts on the situation.

“Sad fi see two big artiste (public figures) weh use to laugh and bun weed together, parr together, call each other brother, run joke together, now deh pan internet a bring down each other, shoulda shame youth!” he stated.

Versi (formerly known as Versatile), in promoting his latest track, “Nah Steam,” made claims that he played a critical role in the development of Popcaan’s Unruly empire. An impertinent response from Popcaan led to a short but spicy social media banter between the two, ending with Popcaan accusing Versi of being envious of his success.

The producer/ singer soon after reiterated his claims that he contributed to Popcaan’s career by writing half of his hit song, “Unruly Anthem,” with Quada and Jafrass.


While the more subtle Quada, born Shacquelle Clarke, did not take the same approach as Popcaan to the situation, the “Day One” deejay stressed that only he is credited for writing his songs and demanded respect for such.

“Me write me own song dem just fi mek that clear!!! me write fi Most top artiste Weh buss before me to best believe, before me tek a line from one a unuh me stop sing no joke” he wrote. “Memba me a big bad artiste nuh ramp wid me big man don’t try tear dung a next man fi build up yourself!!! Ego and money a mad unuh dawg and it sad. Put respect pan me name when yah mention it.”

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Popcaan, Quada / IG

The “Celebration” deejay is embracing his newfound confidence after confirming his split from Popcaan’s Unruly Camp in December and is now the CEO of his own music label “Wellbad Entertainment.”

Intending to reach new heights for this year, Quada told Winford Williams in an Onstage TV interview last month that he has “leveled up” and now manages his own career.

Neither Popcaan nor Versi has responded to Quada’s post.