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Former Death Row Member Danny Boy Talks Meeting Biggie Murder Suspect Poochie

Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls

For years hip hop fans have grieved at the loss of Biggie Smalls. Many have wondered and even offered their own understanding of what transpired that fateful night. We can now gain a little insight into the mind of the alleged killer of Biggie following an interview with former Death Row Records artist Danny Boy.

Danny Boy recently sat down with The Art of Dialogue, where he discussed Biggie’s murder in 1997 as well as some of the circumstances leading up to the day. He spoke at length about the suspected triggerman Poochie and the vibe he gave off whenever he and Danny Boy were together.

The discussion was prompted by a question from the host, in which he asked, “You do know Poochie is the guy that people claim killed Biggie? And they said Suge Knight was behind Poochie killing Biggie.”

Danny Boy admitted that he had heard the rumor in the past and added that he wouldn’t put it past Poochie since he had an eerie personality, and many times the vibe he gave off was that of a shooter. “He looked like that man,” he added.

The “Come when I Call” rapper did not go as far as to say that he was sure that Poochie pulled the trigger, but he revealed that in his mind, he fit the profile.

“He definitely was a killer. He looked like it. He acted like it when it he came in the room. It was something about him. He wasn’t a tall man. He wasn’t big, nothing like that. To me he looked like that wasn’t the one to f*ck with,” he said.

Danny explained that while he had seen many of his friends beating people up somehow when Poochie came around, the vibe got even more ominous, probably because of his overly serious demeanor.

“I don’t think he gave a f*ck about music. Like he looked like one of those people who don’t even listen to music. It wasn’t a nice feeling when he came around for me,” he continued.

He went on to explain that they were cordial with each other but that he was not one of his favorite people to be around. Danny Boy added that Poochie would also speak with him, but he never felt quite comfortable because he always felt nervous when he came around. In fact, he said whenever he came around, he felt nervous and not “super comfortable.”

Biggie Smalls, whose real name is Christopher Wallace, was shot and killed on March 9, 1997. It is believed that his killer was Wardell “Poochie” Fouse, a Bloods gang member and Suge Knight‘s associate.

He’s believed to have shot Biggie while he was visiting Los Angeles. Six years later, in 2003, Poochie was himself shot and killed. Poochie died after he was shot in the back while riding his motorcycle in Compton. His murder allegedly came as a result of in-fighting between the Mob Pirus, who were Suge’s Blood associates, and a rival Blood gang known as the Fruit Town Pirus.

Danny Boy is not the only one who believes that Poochie may be the man behind the trigger that night, as Mob James also shared a similar sentiment with VLAD TV during an interview.

In part of that interview, he said, “Everybody in their right mind that was there knows what happened, but ain’t nobody going to say, ‘Poochie, Poochie, Poochie. Now that he’s dead, everybody can speak on it and whatever now. I’m surprised they haven’t came and said they know who did it.”

Biggie Smalls murder case remains unsolved.