Charly Black Makes Surprised Appearance At Konshens Show In Kenya

Charly Konshens
Charly Black, Konshens

Charly Black made a surprised appearance at Konshens show in Kenya last weekend.

In an era when an artiste is more likely to get a fight rather than a forward, one artiste made a show of support recently that was heartfelt and inspiring. Charly Black was the man in Nairobi, Kenya, as he showed fellow dancehall artiste Konshens some appreciation and solidarity over the weekend, and fans of the two men endorsed the action wholeheartedly.

Konshens has been on the African continent since late December, making several stops and posting pictures of himself meeting up with some of his fans. He also tried out the cuisine and posed with a famed Kenyan spear and shield.

In a message shared on his Instagram about haters in the industry and how refreshing it is to get love and not loathing, Konshens thanked his fans in the caption of the thirty-three-second video clip.

“When this sh*t is filled with so many selfish all fi dem self an wey wah dem alone have success and dem alone name call inna history, it’s so refreshing to see people just a rep fi dancehall wid nutten backa it,” the dancehall veteran wrote. “Big up @charlytrelawnyblack for passing thru my show after his. We been a wave di Jamaican flag globally. Yah legend nuh watch e hype. History cyaa erase.”

The Instagram post by Konshens highlighted Black’s entrance onto the stage before a massive audience. Konshens, dressed in all-black attire, announced black’s appearance to much fanfare as the crowd erupted in cheers. “It’s a big international artiste all the way from Kingston, Jamaica, Who goes by the name – Charlieeeeeee!”

Charly Black came out, decked in full white plus his signature headband. His mega-hit “Party Animal” thumped in the background as the two men clasped hands and embraced in camaraderie. Black, on his own Instagram page, followed up with another clip captioned, “Kenya I love You!” from his own performance held earlier. The video covered him from backstage onwards, which showed how much the crowd showered him with love as it was lighters, rags, and fist pumps all around in the tightly packed outdoor venue.

Fans and fellow artistes were loving the New Year’s ‘niceness” and dropped heart and fire emojis in their comments. One shared, “You both killed Kenya! We hoping for more to come so come again. The love for dancehall is uncontrollable.” Another chimed, “Watch how d fans dem lif up and a enjoy dem self. Dancehall global ennuh.”

“Respect goes wherever it came from….big up to me Breda @konshens him never diss me or hype pon me or try style me yet like some others…we both have show’s in Kenya last weekend but my show finished before his so me and my team went to show our support not even intended to perform but just to be there and hold a vibe with him an his fans but he called me out to sing a one song and anybody knows me know that i show respect to those who show me respect plus me always a say unity with that been said the dancehall massive in Kenya Nairobi was very happy to see us on one stage together and big up @kemarhighcon stay humble same way and gwaun work,” Charly Black wrote on IG.