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Kanye West Labeled Stalker For Buying House Across Kim Kardashian’s Mansion

Kanye West Kim Kardashian

Kanye West is being labeled a stalker after reports he purchased the house across from Kim Kardashian‘s mansion.

Kimye is slowly ending the era that made them the It-couple and a power couple duo to many. However, it seems that Kanye West wants to ensure that despite the marriage ending, he remains as close to Kim as possible.

The sale of the new house was reported on Dec 27 as photos also circulated of the modest home compared to the usual luxurious homes the Kardashian/ West household is used to.

Kim Kardashian revealed on SNL that she paid Kanye West $20 million to buy out his share of their Hidden Hills custom build mansion. The former marital home is now entirely under Kim Kardashian’s name as part of the divorce agreements. Now, it seems that Kanye wants to stay close to Kim and the children.

The new home is a single-story structure with a pool, five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and it is directly opposite Kim’s residence.

According to the Dirt, Kanye paid $4.5 million for the home and even paid almost half a million more than what the seller was asking for. A real estate listing for the home said it was being sold for the first time in 67 years.

At present, the rapper doesn’t have a Los Angeles home, and even though he is not living at the family home, he has repeatedly expressed that he wants his wife to return and he wants to keep his family together.

From not acknowledging the divorce during a Drink Champs interview to earlier this month asking his wife to run right back to him, Kanye seemed serious about putting a halt to the divorce.

Sources have said that he wanted to make things work for his family, but Kim Kardashian has already moved on and was tired of the shenanigans by Kanye.

However, the New York Post says that the home location is more for the children so that the singer can be in proximity. He and Kim share four children.

“It’s just simple logistics so that he is close to his children and has access to them at the drop of a hat,” the source was quoted as saying.

Among the features of the home is a family room with a fireplace and sliding doors that look out over the pool and a horse corral. There is a three-stall barn, and the barn comes with a tack room and hay storage connected to a large paddock for horses.

On the other hand, Kanye, who was awarded the Wyoming Ranch in the divorce, has put the property up for sale for $11 million.

In the interim, the rapper has been living at his $57.3 million Malibu estate, which Kim weeks ago claimed that while Kanye was begging for her to come back, he was living with a 23-year old model, Vinetria.

He and the model have been seen at his Donda Academy games and elsewhere. Shortly after Kim called him out, the model reportedly moved out of the home and broke up with Kanye.

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, has pressed on with the divorce as she has applied to be declared legally single. Of late, she has been seen with comedian Pete Davidson on several dates.

Fans on Twitter have been reacting to the latest move by Kanye West referencing the popular Netflix series You.