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Bobby Shmurda Commence Writing His Autobiography Says First Page Is Lit

Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda says he already wrote the first page of his autobiography.

The GS9 rapper has lived an intriguing life thus far, so it is only fitting he document it for his fans. Fans have been getting a more intimate look at his life ever since Bobby Shmurda was released from his seven-year prison sentence earlier this year. While fans continue to request new music from the “Shmoney Dance,” he’s revealed that he’s preparing to share even more details about his charmed life.

That may have been inspired by his new approach to life since being released, which includes hiding nothing about his personal life. Over the last year, fans have been privy to his need for sex therapy, his early childhood pics, and most recently, how he made his viral hit, “Hot N#gga.”

Bobby Shmurda revealed to fans on perhaps his favorite social media platform, Twitter, that he started working on his autobiography. He’s already pumped about the final product, even though he’s only just begun.

“I Just Started Writing My Autobiography & My First Page More Lit Than Yo Daddy’s Daddy Whole Life #Shmurda #DontPlayWithThatBoy,” he tweeted.

He didn’t reveal many details about the project, but with all the details he’s spilled about his life to date, it’s a fair guess that it will center on his upbringing in New York and his subsequent rise to fame with his first string of hits. A major part of it may also focus on his arrest, imprisonment, and his eventual release.

The rapper will be following in the footsteps of other major celebrities who released autobiographies this year like Will Smith, Rihanna, and Raekwon. Smith’s own has been the buzz this year as he revealed details that have left many fans wide-eyed after reading.

Shmurda hasn’t even come up with a title or release date, but he’s sure to get a good response from hip hop fans.

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