Nick Cannon Immortalized Late Son Zen With A Baby Angel Tattoo

Nick Cannon Zen tattoo

Nick Cannon’s late son Zen will now always be a part of him.

The Talk Show host shared a sweet token of remembrance on Friday for his son Zen who passed away this week at five months old after battling cancer. During Friday’s episode of his Nick Cannon talk show, he shared a picture of the tattoo, which is an image of his son on his rib.

Zen is Cannon’s second child with girlfriend Alyssa Scott. “I’ve seen so much love ‘yall, more love than I’ve probably ever experienced,” he said, thanking his fans for their support during the show. He then picks up a framed photo as he introduces his “Pic of the Day” segment, where he shows his audience the permanent reminder.

“That’s actually my rib right there. Last night I got the opportunity to go get a tattoo of my son Zen as an angel on my rib,” he said.

“I’m still all bandaged up and it hurts right here right now,” he added.

The tattoo appeared fresh and pink, no doubt from the sensitive area of the rib, given that Cannon is still a very toned man.

The talk show confirmed that the process was not only painful but that it also took him from 7:30 pm on Thursday night to until “around 1 in the morning.”

Nick Cannon shared with his supporters that it was very painful but well worth it. “I enjoyed every moment of the experience to forever have my son right here on my rib, right here on my side as my angel,” he said.

The tattoo shows a smiling Zen with a halo and angel wings. In the meantime, both Cannon, 41, and Zen’s mom, Alyssa Scott, 28, have shared candid moments following their child’s death.

Scott has been mourning the loss of her son and has shared special moments from his life on her Instagram with the emotive caption, “It has been an honor and privilege being your mommy.. I will love you for eternity. 6•23•21 – 12•5•21.”