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Yaya Mayweather Responds To Stalking NBA YoungBoy On Clubhouse Accusations

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Floyd Mayweather, Yaya Mayweather, NBA YoungBoy

Yaya Mayweather denies she is stalking NBA YoungBoy on Clubhouse.

Yaya, daughter of famous professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, has been caught up in yet another baby father drama with rapper NBA YoungBoy. Iyana Mayweather, more commonly known as Yaya, was spotted ‘stalking’ her baby’s father and ex-boyfriend, Youngboy’s Clubhouse room on Sunday, December 5.

NBA YoungBoy took to Clubhouse to update his fans on his recent activities after being placed on house arrest. The rapper was released from prison on October 22 after serving seven months.

Federal prosecutors on his pending California gun case accepted the terms of $1.5 million bail and GPS monitoring at his Utah home which allowed him to become a free man after the initial ruling in his separate Baton Rouge gun case. During the Clubhouse session, the rapper soon realized that an apparently uninvited guest was also in attendance.

NBA Youngboy noticed the mother of his seventh child, Yaya’s infamous social media username YM and ‘Money Yaya’, in his chatroom and questioned the reasoning behind hiding herself with a picture-less profile.

In the audio, he questions, “Iyanna, why ain’t got no picture on there?”

Yaya, notoriously known for being obsessed with YoungBoy, claimed to join the chat to spy on the rapper. “So I can stalk you,” Yaya replied jokingly.

The “Life Support” rapper is known to have eight children with seven different women. In September 2021, it was reported that he welcomed his eighth child with his current girlfriend, Jazlyn Mychelle. Still, that has not stopped Yaya from sticking firmly beside him, and as many would know, she has a troublesome past of doing crazy things in the name of love. Yaya was previously booked on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, to which she faces up to 20 years of imprisonment for the stabbing of one of YoungBoy’s exes.

Yaya has been seen obsessing over the rapper on numerous occasions. On multiple occasions, fans have called her out for being obsessive over a guy who isn’t interested in her. “Why is she obsessed over a guy that doesn’t claim or want her?” asked one fan on Instagram. “It’s sickening actually,” added another.

Yaya later took to her Instagram story after the scandal broke stating, “I usually don’t care to clear things up but y’all dtm (doing too much) kentrell added me to the chat on clubhouse.”

Yaya gave birth to her and NBA YoungBoy’s son on January 9, 2021. She took the news to her social media accounts, welcoming her baby boy with the lyrics of “Mama’s Hand” by Queen Naija playing in the background. Her father, Floyd Mayweather, also shared a picture of the baby’s foot on IG. Fans have been getting an eyeful of a grandpa playing his loving duties as he was recently seen teaching Kentrell Jr. how to box. He was also seen sweetly feeding him some pureed pumpkin, and fans doted over the chip as they teased Floyd for opening his mouth while feeding the baby.