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Dancehall Deejay Gully Bop Gravely Ill, Says He Need Help ASAP

Gully Bop

Gully Bop says he is badly in need of help amid illness.

According to reports, the “Street Wise” deejay was once again rushed to the hospital after just being released last Saturday. He previously spent a week at the Kingston Public Hospital. While at the hospital, he was on drips and needed to use a urine drainage bag.

Gully Bop‘s illness was not completely figured out, and he admitted that he was in a lot of pain. After getting to a point where he could be released from the home, it appears that when Gully Bop got home, his dogs were so excited that they cost him some severe damage and, as a result, he had to be taken back to the hospital. This time he was taken to the University Hospital of the West Indies.

It seems he was feeding his dogs when they became overzealous and ripped off his colostomy bag, which he had been fitted with at the hospital before his release. Whatever was the cause of Gully Bop’s pain was resolved after he was fitted with the colostomy bag, which is used to collect fecal matter from the digestive tract.

The STAR spoke with producer Diabdon Ferron of Builder’s Music, who offered some more insight into what happened to Gully Bop the second time around. He had been helping the “Who She Want” singer and was the one who took Gully Bop to the hospital.

He said that the deejay called him after 10 p.m. to let him know that an incident had occurred. “He was feeding his dogs and they were so happy to see him that they jumped up on him and tore off the bag. I quickly drove to his house and, bwoy, I had to be strong,” he added.

Ferron said when he arrived, a weak-looking Gully Bop, whose real name is Robert Lee Malcolm, was sitting on the bonnet of an old car parked in the yard and told him that the bag had been ripped. He also showed him what that meant.

Gully Bop said that he was extremely thankful to Ferron for coming to assist him. He added that Ferron had always been there for him. That being said, he also admitted that he is in need of help, but he chooses not to beg.

He also shared that he had lost his sister and one of his brothers to sickness, and he feels that sickness is now coming for him.

“Round a month ago, one a mi sister and one a mi bredda bury. Corona kill one and cancer kill one. The third one a me, but nuh tripe nah go kill me, though,” he said.