Jada Kingdom Reveals Stunning Full Body Tattoo Ahead Of Debut Album

Jada Kingdom tattoo
Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom unveils a new elaborate tattoo that covers most of her body.

They say beauty knows no pain. Dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom certainly endorsed this philosophy. She took to Instagram and showed fans her new back tattoo art, which she had done two days ago in Miami, Florida. The “Banana” singer decided to shrug off all the negativity she recently received after announcing her sexual preference and expressing her emotions through this artistic medium.

Jada Kingdom, whose given name is Jada Murphy, unveiled her new tattoo design of an elaborate floral pattern stretching from her shoulder to the expanse of her bottom, hips, and thighs. This is not her first association with permanent ink, but it is certainly the largest. The “Wull On” entertainer was indeed holding on the tattoo couch on which she was reclined nude so that the male tattoo artist had full rein to work his magic. A tattoo of this magnitude not only takes several hours but typically is done in more than one session as most individuals’ pain threshold is said to be reached within three to four hours. Jada quickly let fans know that the tattoo was done in one session though she admitted that she was also ‘high’ throughout its duration.

Kingdom has in the past spoken about her struggles with bipolar depression and how music and other forms of creative expression are her outlets for positively dealing with her issues. Fans on Instagram conveyed their amazement at the detailing of the piece and how much she had done with a few poking fun at the tattoo artiste, stating that he must have had a field day viewing and touching Jada’s body for hours. Others showed support at this latest cosmetic acquisition as they understand that Kingdom is a complex character, and therefore how she handles challenges will be in a way that is unique and customized to her personality.

Jada kingdom
Jada kingdom

One male fan commented, “Beautiful. You have chosen to make your body a canvas for art. You were and are beautiful regardless. Canvas on a canvas is naturally beautiful.” At the same time, a female follower chimed, “Suh me waa my man tolerate me like how Jada tolerate pain!”

A former swimsuit model turned artiste Kingdom boasts over 2 million followers on Instagram. She rose to prominence musically in 2016 and has since made a name for herself as a bold, no-nonsense singer who will tell it as it is, regardless of the consequence hence her release of such songs as “Win,” “Execution,” “Heavy” and “Budum.”

Men are drawn to her physical features while women find her relatable as her down-to-earth persona gives the appearance as if she truly is the girl next door. Early in her career, she spoke about being sexually assaulted as a child and how the music industry is saturated with individuals who wish to exploit naive females financially and physically. Following Lila Ike’s admission, Jada Kingdom recently came out as a lesbian to both harsh criticism and the outpouring of love and support.

Her die-hard fans were quick to note that they knew of her bisexuality long ago and loved her regardless. Her fans also appreciate how open she continues to be, and they used this opportunity to applaud her for her transparency. Jada typically shares her tattoo pieces with her bevy of fans on Instagram. Her last facial tattoo, which was that of a flower, sent instant shock waves throughout social media. One can only wonder what some are saying about the latest addition.

Jada Kingdom signed a record deal with Republic Records earlier this year and is currently working on her debut album. She also cut ties with her former management team following a bitter falling out.