Dancehall Artist Jada Kingdom Signs Deal With Republic Records, Hires New Manager

Jada Kingdom signs a new record deal with Republic Records label and hired a new manager.

The dancehall artist who seems to be widening her music reach in the United States has signed a recording deal months after cutting ties with her former manager, who she accused of ripping her off and stealing from her.

On Wednesday, Jada Kingdom’s boyfriend Verse Simmonds shared the news on his Instagram, which showed Jada Kingdom inking the deal to rounds of applause and surrounded by friends and label executives at Republic Records.

Verse Simmonds posted his delight at the move on his Instagram account as he said they both worked hard to achieve the milestone.

“The best position a man can put u in is a position of power. The last 2 years since we’ve met we have worked our a*s off to get to this point. It took a lot of sweat and tears but it was all worth it!! Now it is time for you to reap the rewards for all the struggles endured to get you here. I am beyond proud of u and what we have done together,” he said.

“Look how far we have come! U are one of the most naturally talented ppl that know and I can not think of anyone more deserving of this moment. You have been thru so much in your life and the mission for me from day one was very clear! We were put in eachother’s lives to shift music culture, change the world and your circumstances one song at a time! This sh*t is bigger than us baby girl! Love you for life!” he added.

Simmonds, 40, has been dating the 22-year-old Kingdom for the past two years. Simmonds himself is a producer and rapper with Puerto Rican heritage.

Jada Kingdom has delivered a number of hard hits for the ladies, which includes “Win,” “Banana,” “Heavy,” and “Budum.” She has previously noted that the relationship with her former manager has held back her music career, and she has been unable to launch her album even though she has several songs ready to release.

Meanwhile, her ex-manager is suing her for the comments where she alleged that her manager stole from her and denied her transparency regarding her earnings. The manager, in turn, has sued Kingdom for defamation as he disputes her allegations.

While announcing the news on Instagram, Jada Kingdom expressed her joy and also thanks her boyfriend and her new manager, Marc Jordan and Wide Eyed Entertainment. “Nuff thanks to my awesome new manager Marc Jordan alongside my management team @wideeyedent (Ben & Bekka) I’m happy,love you guys!” she wrote.

“This is what i prayed for… GOD i love you,i trust you,THANK YOU! #Godisneverlate [Verse Simmonds] it’s safe to say i lost our bet and you told me so! lol ?we work soo fukin hard!” she said.