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Foota Hype Gets Back Instagram, Press Spice On Past Ant-LGBTQ Lyrics

Spice Foota Hype

Dancehall selector Foota Hype is back on Instagram after his page was deactivated.

The feud that has transpired between dancehall selector Foota Hype and dancehall artiste Spice is still an ongoing hot topic in Jamaica. Spice has been receiving backlash from a bevy of individuals, namely Foota Hype and Sizzla, both of whom she has addressed. Foota and Sizzla Kalonji became outraged following Spice’s announcement that she will be performing at the Gay Pride concert, which will be hosted in Canada next year.

Foota Hype took to Instagram, where he lashed out at Spice, stating that she sold out among other distasteful things. Spice wasn’t pleased with his reaction as she saw it as criticizing and discriminating. She subsequently advised him in a short video she posted on Instagram that he should remove his posts in the next 24 hours and that they pretend as if the entire ordeal never happened.

Following this, Foota made it very clear that he would do no such thing. Shortly after, his Instagram account was deactivated. It was then speculated that Spice was responsible, while others noted that it was because his posts went against the LGBTQ society guidelines on Instagram. Foota later took to his backup page with a quick message to his fans saying that Spice had stolen his page and that he was unstoppable.

Magically, on Saturday night, in less than a 24-hour time frame, Foota Hype’s Instagram account was reactivated. His supporters came out in droves, with one Instagram user posting a message which Foota reshared on his IG Story.

Foota also returned with a vengeance as he quickly got back on the Spice bashing track. He shared a video of her song “Grab Up Yuh H**d,” during which she bashes homosexuals. He captioned the post, “So it wasn’t important to support the dodo community at this time in ur career because all u had was the str8 community so I guess all the words in this song was fake so u was lying to uself and the ppl of dancehall and Jamaica oh and @thecham pls comment under this post let’s hear ur opinion since this song was produced by ur general@davekelly 1 of the gr8est dancehall producer under ur supervision.”

Foota also shared a photo of himself wearing a Christian Dior suit noting that it was time to get to work. However, that did not bring the intended reaction as some fans were quick to highlight that the designer of his outfit was a homosexual. One user in the comment section stated, “Christian Dior was a gay man, are you still going to continue to wear his clothing? Or is it because it’s designer so it doesn’t matter??”

To that, Foota responded, “tell mi when in life have u ever seen any clothing brand make any clothes and say this for dodo ppl when?” This prompted a lengthy discussion between him and his fans.

On Sunday morning, Spice came out swinging as it appears she might have caught some of the heat that Foota was receiving for his outfit choices the night prior. She shared a series of photos of Foota Hype in various famous designer clothing that were designed and made by people from the LGBTQ society. Versace, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Balenciaga, Christian Dior, and Louis Vuitton are some of the brands that Foota can be seen rocking.

In the caption, she highlighted, “Mi see say ya try hard to bring me down but study my history “WELCOME TO THE CLUB”…… Make mi pause mi rice and peas. You a clout chase after me because you well wah buss yuh YouTube channel and you draw fi throw back so come Doreen son make we reason wid dem throwback yah!! so I’m not supposed to take their money but you are supposed to spread out and secretly give them yours? Make it make sense You have any idea who this a cover up your balls and you mouth? Somebody explain this to me but please make it make sense.”

In agreement with the queen of dancehall, one Instagram follower commented under her post, saying, “If he is against these people sexual preference he should not be having any part in it including not wearing their clothes nor spending their money,” and it seems the vast majority agree.

Still not backing down, Foota took things a bit further after he saw Spice’s post and claimed that she disrespected him. He subsequently posted a screenshot of him on a call with Spice’s ‘dead beat’ baby daddy, Nicholas Lall, with who everybody knows she has a poor relationship because he does not contribute financially to the caretaking of their children. He has since deleted that post as users criticized him due to Lall’s children being visible in the screenshot.

At this point, the feud is nearing no end, and many other individuals are now taking sides, such as Tony Matterhorn, who also lashed out at Spice in a video that Foota Hype reshared.