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DaBaby Shares First Look Of Daughter With DaniLeigh

DaniLeigh Dababy
DaniLeigh, Dababy

DaBaby shares first look at his daughter with DaniLeigh and she’s not happy about it.

Despite not acknowledging publicly that he had impregnated DaniLeigh or that the baby was his despite the birth occurring three months ago, it seems that DaBaby is taking another jab at DaniLeigh by revealing the baby online. DaBaby and DaniLeigh have been fighting for the last 12 hours as the rapper called the police on her at 2 am for her to leave his home.

Now, he’s showing the baby off as he claims he’s all about being a good father. “Got to take care of them kids, imma take care of them kids… whatever come with it come with it. Daddy first and then everything after, now remember that,” as he rocked the cooing baby.

He also called out DaniLeigh’s parents, who DaBaby accuses of abandoning her once she got pregnant for him.

“Y’all disowned y’all half black grand baby soon as y’all couldn’t control y’all daughter,” he said as he posted himself and a close up of the baby.

DaniLeigh has kept the birth and images of her d daughter a secret. Even the gender she was very private about as social media users speculated what kind of baby she had had.

However, despite his unexplained disappearance from the pregnancy, DaBaby’s sharing that he is a proud father goes against his earlier behavior as he did not acknowledge the pregnancy or even acknowledge the baby until October- months after her birth when he hinted that he has three beautiful daughters.

Meanwhile, DaniLeigh also responded to DaBaby posting her baby.

“Sad.. that’s how y’all had to see my baby for the first time … evil a** man,” she said on her Instagram Story.

While social media users were excited to get a look at the baby, and many commented that she was beautiful, others chided the rapper for being spiteful and posting the baby against his baby mother’s wishes.

“This is the first video we see of him and his child?” One fan asked with the perplexed emoji.

“He know she don’t want that baby face on the internet! More gaslighting! I hope Dani ok,” one concerned fan said.

DaniLeigh IG statement

“But you tried to put that baby out lastnight,” another fan chided the rapper while another said- “look at him holding the baby for the optics I cannot,” another said.

The latest online behavior of DaBaby adds to the disastrous PR months the rapper is experiencing from the time of his Rolling Loud, Miami’s offensive comments about LGBTQ people and people living with HIV/AIDS.