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DaBaby and His Very Pregnant Ex-GF DaniLeigh Back Together?

DaBaby and his very pregnant ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh are rumored to be back together.

Twitter users have done some investigating and found that DaBaby and DaniLeigh might still be hooking up. This speculation comes as the two rappers posted separate videos on social media with what appears to be the same bed.

“Trying not to use filters as much,” DaniLeigh wrote in the caption of her post, which is a selfie of the blonde bombshell throwing up a peace sign. DaBaby also gestured the peace sign in his video while saying, “Gang.”

The online FBI squad got to work after social media users noticed something seemed similar in both posts. Highlighted by popular online blog, The Neighborhood Talk, the grey patterned luxury bed frame with white pillows was quite notable and particularly identical in Dababy’s and Dani’s posts.

Fans are now running wild with this bit of evidence as proof that the two have rekindled their flames.

DaniLeigh had confirmed her relationship with DaBaby in December last year, but rumors were swirling around the internet long before that. Amid the names, social media users were tossing DaniLeigh’s way, was “homewrecker” because, at that time, DaBaby was still dating his child’s mother, Meme, and fans believed DaniLeigh was coming between them. DaniLeigh, at first denied the rumors, and in less than three months after she publicly confirmed their bond, she publicly confirmed their split.

In February, the “Lil Bebe” rapper wrote “Officially single” on her Instagram story.

Since then, fans have been tossed into a frenzy as they frequently speculate that she is currently pregnant for DaBaby. She has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, and DaBaby has not said anything relating to the speculations, but fans are still convinced there’s a baby on the way due to a very noticeable baby bump in her posts as well as the obvious oversized clothing she has been donning recently.

Still, following DaniLeigh’s ‘Officially single’ announcement, there has not been any posts or mentions of a continued romantic relationship between the two. As a result, fans are speculating that the reunion may have taken place sometime this week, or at the very least recently.