Bounty Killer Lands Starring Role In Jamaican Crime Drama Movie

Bounty Killer is set to make his feature film debut after landing starring role in an upcoming movie set in Jamaica.

It’s been a bumper year so far for Bounty Killer, and the legendary veteran is continuing his welcomed reemergence. He’s already announced that his album King of Kingston will be ready in December, and now comes news that he’s set to star in an upcoming feature film.

The film, which has not been titled yet, is being produced mostly by the 9Z film company. That company is headed by Nigel Dixon and is set to be a crime drama set in Jamaica. The movie promises to attack several societal issues on the island.

According to the Star, who reached out to Bounty, he is extremely excited to add this new skill to his resume. For him, the most important thing is getting the chance to represent Jamaican culture in a movie setting.

He added that he was not surprised to be chosen as the lead actor since he believes that he is a natural-born leader. As he put it, “I will always play the lead role in anything I am doing.”

The “Poor People Fed Up” artist also explained why he was happy to be a part of the production.

“Killer is always against crime and violence, so I agreed to do this movie to send a message to the youth of Jamaica. Acting is always something I considered doing, but it has to represent what Bounty Killer stands for,” he said.

The Star also spoke with Dixon a bit more about the project, and he explained how the decision to cast Bounty came about. He said that he already does skits on YouTube and gets a good response from followers. He added that sometimes he gets millions of views and that he was aware that Bounty watches some of the skits and likes them. Dixon also revealed that Beenie Man might be part of the production but in a small role.

“I approached him with the idea in 2017 and then again in 2019. He told me ‘Send me some long voice note’. And we started talking seriously about it. He liked the idea and I eventually sent him the script,” Dixon further explained.

He also shared that he had already secured partial funding from an overseas-based company and is still in discussions with Downsound Entertainment. Dixon says that he was able to ensure that he got Bounty Killer to play the lead role in the upcoming drama.

The movie follows the life of a young man through a tale of violence and corruption after he found a gun in his community. Dixon also revealed that this is the role that will be played by Bounty Killer.