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R. Kelly Found Guilty On 9 Counts In Federal Sex Crimes Case, Faces Life In Prison

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R. Kelly was found guilty on all counts in the federal sex crimes trial that has been going on over the last month.

The jury in R. Kelly’s case has been deliberating since Friday (September 24). It continued into Monday afternoon, after which a guilty verdict was found on all nine counts, including being found guilty for racketeering, sex crimes, human trafficking, obstruction of justice, and kidnapping.

R. Kelly‘s defense called five witnesses, but the R&B legend did not take the stand to defend his name against the accusations. On the other hand, the prosecution called a number of people, including alleged victims like Joycelyn Savage, who testified to living in his home as one of his girlfriends. This sexual relationship began when she was only 17 years old.

Savage, who had previously appeared on a CBS interview with Gayle King to defend R. Kelly, became a star witness for the state. She recanted her story and said she was being manipulated by Kelly in the interview.

Gerald Griggs, the attorney representing Savage, said the conviction was welcomed.

“The conviction today spoke volumes in accountability when it comes to people hearing black women and believing their stories.”

Kelly’s sentencing is set for May 4, 2022, and he’s facing a minimum of 10 years to life imprisonment. His legal problems are far from over as he is still facing another federal trial in Chicago and state trials in Illinois and Minnesota for the same counts.

The singer has been behind bars since 2019 after being arrested in Chicago for multiple federal sex crimes in Chicago and New York.

During the present trial, the court summoned a number of employees and associates who previously worked for Kelly to testify. He was accused of soliciting, grooming, and sexually abusing women, girls, and boys.

However, witnesses who appeared on his behalf staunchly defended the “I Believe I can Fly” singer, saying they have never seen or have evidence of him abusing anyone. Some described his behavior with his girlfriends as “chivalrous.”

However, several prosecution witnesses refuted the testimony by defense witnesses. They even noted that the singer was able to source victims not only by his own effort but also from a small group of people who worked for him like his managers, bodyguards, and assistants who would find or identify his victims, even grooming them for sex with the singer or even going as far as intimidating witnesses or committing other crimes to cover the singer.

The victims were often recruited at concerts, malls, and even fast-food joints. The 53-year-old singer has, however, remained quiet despite the ongoing trial.

R. Kelly is now facing a minimum sentence of 10 years in federal prison and up to life. His attorneys indicated that they will appeal the conviction.