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50 Cent Calls DaBaby & Lil Wayne’s “Lonely” Best Mental Health Rap Song

50 Cent says DaBaby and Lil Wayne’s new song “Lonely” is the best song about mental health.

DaBaby is still attempting to recover from almost being canceled after going on a homophobic rant at the Rolling Loud festival this summer. While the rapper lost jobs and fans over the incident, 50 Cent has continued to vocally support him, even taking on a mentorship role in Baby’s circle.

DaBaby recently made a comeback with his song and video “Lonely,” collaborating with Lil Wayne to create a hit track with a No. 2 trending video and over 3.5 million views. Giving the song props for its daring lyrics, Fifty shared the video and captioned his post, “This is the best song I have heard about mental health. They snapped on this one.”

In the video, which was written and directed by DaBaby, Baby dresses as a Joker-esque clown and goes on a film-worthy killing spree. The rapper wears “LLG” across his forehead in the video in remembrance of his brother, who took his own life in 2020. The song and video also address complex issues surrounding mental health facilities and psychotropic drug treatments, concluding with an ambiguous twist when DaBaby seems to wake up from a dream, only to see a clown suit hanging up in his room.

Addressing mental health struggles in rap is nothing new. 2Pac did it with “So Many Tears”, Biggie gave us “Suicidal Thoughts”, and DMX made the classic “Slippin”. While “Lonely” and its accompanying visuals are certainly worth analyzing, some hip hop fans thought Fifty took it too far when he declared it the best song about mental health.

“I can’t believe 50 Cent said DaBaby and Lil Wayne’s new song is the best song he’s ever heard about mental health. Come on fif… lol,” wrote one Twitter user. Even if Fifty forgets a few of the most memorable and emotional hip hop tracks in his assessment, it seems like he might just be attempting to support DaBaby through a difficult time in his career.