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Lil Wayne Helped DaBaby End Those “Lonely” Days: Watch

DaBaby isn’t so “Lonely” anymore now that he has Lil Wayne to back him.

DaBaby has had a rough couple of months following his expletive-filled rant at the Rolling Loud concert that included homophobic remarks and insensitive statements about the HIV/AIDS community. The rapper, who was seemingly on top of his game at the time of the controversy, has since been trying to do damage control to save his reputation and career.

DaBaby lost several upcoming gigs following the incident and is now attempting to get his fans talking about his music again instead of his onstage improvisations. Baby dropped “Lonely” on Thursday, September 9th, collaborating with one of the biggest names in hip hop to add fuel to the track.

“New single dropping today Featuring The Best Rapper Alive” Baby tweeted in a rare moment of humility before announcing that Lil Wayne was on the song. The song takes off with a dark verse from Baby, rapping, “I can use the murder for therapy/I can make the news with it, break the internet/ Have ‘em all nervous and scared of me/Then get away sneaky clean, never seen a thing”. The song is ended by Weezy who contributes a verse with mentions of loneliness, women, and fame.

Although Baby initially defended his actions at the Rolling Loud concert, suggesting that people were overreacting and that his words were taken out of context, he eventually took steps to show that he was truly sorry and willing to learn. Over 125 HIV organizations endorsed an open letter to the rapper in August asking to meet with him and educate him on the unique struggles of the HIV/AIDS community.

DaBaby did go on to meet with nine of those organizations to hear personal stories from people living with HIV. Representatives from those organizations explained that they wished to grant Baby some grace and the opportunity to change his perspective instead of choosing to cancel him immediately. Only time will tell if his fans will extend him the same grace.