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Boosie Badazz Bought His Mother A New Cadilac Escalade

Lil Boosie gifted his mom a brand new Cadillac truck.

The Baton Rouge rapper is known for going all out for his family, whether it’s his kids or mom. So it came as no surprise when Boosie Badazz splurged on a lavish 2021 cherry red Cadillac Escalade for his mother a week ago. The rapper shared the moment he handed his mom her new car keys in an Instagram post today (Sept 16). “LOVE YA MOMA @standingongodsword NEW LAC 2021 #7daysago #justposting lmao,” he wrote in the caption.

The rapper’s mother beamed with excitement as she saw the brand new SUV for the first time. “Hold my cigarette ’cause I don’t smoke in my truck,” she said as she handed it off to someone off-camera. Boosie and his mom then exchanged hugs and kisses moments before she hopped into her new Cadillac and started exploring. The rapper could also be heard responding to his mom’s question of whether she has a car note telling her, “No you ain’t got no f***ing car note,” causing laughter to erupt among everyone present.

Fans on social media, particularly on the Shade Room post that shared the video, weighed in on the lavish gift, pointing out how humble and funny the rapper’s mom was after her smoke comment. One hilariously outlined the disparity in size between Mama Boosie and the Cadillac truck, writing, “That car is huge and she’s so tiny.” Another commenter said, “Lol old black women love driving big a*s trucks.” Over on Boosie’s original post, fans were inspired by the video telling the rapper, “This bout real as it get” and “That’s what the f**c I’m talking about!!”

Boosie Badazz may be known for his bluntness in the media and for being a straight shooter, but he also has a reputation for always taking care of his family and giving them lavish gifts. “Mom Nd The kids straight.. Dad gone have a good day,” a fan commented. Just last month, the rapper posted another video of himself and family celebrating his son Ray Ray’s birthday. Boosie handed the 13-year-old $5k in cash to commemorate the occasion, an iced-out chain, and a new Rolex. “Happy 13th @rayray_damodel LOVE U SON,” the rapper wrote.

It’s just another day in the life of Lil Boosie.