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Boosie Badazz Gifted His Mother $100K & Jewelry For Her Birthday

Boosie Badazz ensures his mom had celebrated her birthday to the fullest.

The Louisiana rap legend certainly has every reason to be in a celebratory mood. He has just been declared cancer-free, and his mother also celebrated her birthday on Tuesday. In a short video clip posted on his Instagram page, the rapper is seen with his mom Connie Hatch throwing down some serious stacks of cash and other gifts that he has given her for her birthday.

In a heartfelt post for her birthday, Boosie Badazz shared a slide with different photos of his mom and the family throughout the years, which he captioned, “Happy birthday @standingongodsword words can’t explain our journey in life.”

The Baton Rouge rap legend added, “Love you moma you know I was coming to BR for yo special day. If it wasn’t for you this would not be possible #yobabyboy Boosie racks and I gave her the biggest ring off my finger she liked it.” One fan asked him in the comments how much cash it was and his response was, “100 racks.”

Boosie Badazz may have certainly done and said some things in the past that some may describe as “distasteful.” Still, one thing is sure he has always openly declared his affection for his mother even though she has had to chastise him a few times when his opinions may have been viewed by others as hurtful.

The rapper’s mom later shared her appreciation via Instagram.

“Thanks to MY Family for celebrating my birthday on Tuesday. Eating at Parrains Seafood. Love MY family. My Birthday is March 16, 2021. I am SO Grateful to see 67 years. I may have gone thru SO much but God ALWAYS gave me strength for life battles. God hides me under his precious WINGS.. When Satan attacks I know to speak God’s Word. I just Thank God for all he has done for me. I will remain steadfast trusting in your word and your great promises you have for ME. I will always remain Humble, reading your word, giving you praises Daily. For you God, you are Awesome.”

Lil Boosie also shared a photo of himself with some of his children celebrating their grandmother’s birthday.