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Cardi B & Offset’s Atlanta Mansion Flooded By Hurricane Ida

Cardi B Offset

Cardi B shared unsettling images of property damages due to Hurricane Ida.

Despite celebrating the birth of their baby boy, Cardi B and Offset might be dealing with some insurance claims for property damages. News reports and viral videos depict terrifying sights of infrastructure damage, Subways submerged underwater, and even people being swept away by Hurricane Ida’s floodwaters over the last few days. There have also reportedly been nine tragic deaths as a result of the flooding.

This weather system has seen the destruction of many cities, including New York, New Jersey, and New Orleans, as well as Atlanta, according to Cardi B‘s home assessment.

Cardi B’s house, unfortunately, was not exempt from the hurricane’s course. She documented the disaster and subsequent destruction on her Instagram Stories. Her hardwood flooring showed some damage after her Atlanta home was flooded, and residual water can still be seen covering the floors. Her bathroom also showed significant flooding, with debris lying on floors. The rapper captioned the photos of the devastation to her property with phrases like “THIS STORM AINT NO H*E” and “Storm is no joke.”

In 2019, Offset and Cardi relocated to the three-story mansion in Buckhead, Atlanta, which is home to several celebrities such as Tyler Perry and Kenny Rodgers. The home was originally listed for $5.8 million, but the ultimate price has yet to be determined. Fortunately, the damage to the star’s property was limited, and she, as well as her family, are in good health.

Fans are happy that the celebrity is safe, but this flooding pales in comparison to the catastrophic destruction in New York. Viral clips showing the devastating flooding and power outages in New York and other major cities have been circulating on social media platforms, and an outpouring of prayers has been issued as a result. There has also been a state of emergency declared in New York City as of Thursday, September 2nd.

Hurricane Ida is reported to be one of the most destructive hurricanes to hit Louisiana, coming in second only to Hurricane Katrina in terms of damage. On August 23rd, the storm began as a tropical wave in the Caribbean Sea. However, it grew stronger as it moved away from the Caribbean, eventually becoming a hurricane. On August 29th, it made landfall at Port Fourchon, Louisiana, and it has been wreaking havoc ever since.