Teejay Reveals Collabs With Kodak Black & The Game On New Album

Teejay says things are looking up with some big collaborations coming on his new album.

Teejay has had a year full of ups and downs, but also numerous victories. During his recent interview with The Fix, the singjay shared some details about his upcoming album Rags to Riches, saying he got collaborations with Kodak Black and The Game.

Despite his tragic year, the dancehall singjay has continued to work hard to improve his career and breakout on the international market. When the interviewer asked about the recent public highlight of being spotted with Timbaland, he revealed some information about his recent collabs.

“Wi even have some good collab right now,” Teejay said. “Me shouldn’t even say it but wi have a collab wid like Kodak Black, like the Game like wi ave wul heap a bad song fi release right now an mi have the Rags to Riches album mi a work pon right now.”

These not-so-closely guarded accomplishments came during his short relocation to the United States to redefine his public image and mental health. Since moving to the United States, he has been presented with numerous opportunities, including Timbaland‘s assistance on his upcoming album, Rags to Riches. He described his listening session with the music veteran where TeeJay received vital industry advice on song choices and preferences in his album.

Teejay sang a short teaser of the song during the interview, much to his fans’ delight. “If him nah treat yuh like a queen, tell him fi avoid yuh. Money buy everything but it cya buy love,” sang the Uptop Boss. This was followed by the funny story behind the song.

Being under the tutelage of a musical genius may not have resulted in a speedy album drop, but it was successful and taught the artiste valuable lessons. “Every minute him a seh yo pull up da song ya, pull up da song ya, pull up di song and same time di man son walk inna di room and him son a 15-year-old and di man son seh ‘Dad who sing this song?’ and di man seh, ‘See that?’ A swear a col bump tek me,” stated TeeJay.

The interview was not without its funny moments. The artiste shared, “We a look pon each other and di man son seh yo dis hard, zimme…an him son a yam.” The trio shared a laugh to Timbaland’s son’s youth.

After many corrections, the album received the veteran’s stamp of approval. This confirmation propelled the Attention deejay’s spirit forward, but he too already knew the greatness. He shared, “Memba seh wi di best and we nuh need Colin fi tell wi dat.”

The star also gave more insight into his album, Rags to Riches. “A one year an 7 month now me a put togetha tha album ya like it coulda put together long time but based on everything weh me a go tru, everything wah gwaan inna di surrounding,” said Teejay as his voice cracked with emotion.

He swears too that at least 10 songs on the album will be “hit songs,” in other words, legendary songs. “Mi sure know seh some hit song deh pon di album weh wi can listen to all di next 50, 60 years…just bad,” said Teejay.

The album is fully completed, with Teejay planning for the release to be on his birthday in October. He added that all that needs to be done is to shoot music videos. Rags To Riches is said to have 20 songs, but fans may see a second album release if he decides to split the album.