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Lee “Scratch” Perry’s Wife Release Statement Hints At Foul Play: “He Was Not Sick”

Following the death of Jamaican musical genius Lee “Scratch” Perry, his wife, Mireille Perry, issued a statement via his IG account hinting at possible foul play surrounding his death.

Mireille shared with fans that Perry was not sick prior to his death on Sunday at the Noel Holmes Hospital in Lucea, Hanover. “I have no words for what had happen!” she wrote.

“Nobody was expecting something like that because he was not sick! Lee had so many plans that he was looking forward to. So many different projects, shows, art, designs, Community,” Mireille continues.

“I’m not allowed to give any details for the moment, but I could just say that Lucea hospital didn’t have anything to do with his tragic passing away or did something wrong,” she wrote. “In the memory and honor of LEE SCRATCH PERRY, we’ll build his £$P community in the exact way that he dreamt about. He had a very clear picture how he wanted it to look.”

“So the plans for volunteering are still valid. I’m going to go through your messages as soon as I recover a little from the terrible shock. It will be me now who will post and let you know what’s going on,” she relayed, announcing that she would be taking over his social media accounts.

Lee “Scratch” Perry passed away on August 29, 2021, at the age of 85. His death shocked the world, with tributes continue to pour in from fans and fellow artists locally and overseas, sending strength to the mourning families. Scratch was recognized as a prominent Jamaican record producer and singer noted for his ultramodern studio techniques and style of production.

Before the famed producer died, he had taken to his Instagram to alert his fans of the plans for building the LSP community, which was slated to start in December. He stated that volunteers would be needed for the first step of preparing the land, including; permaculture specialists.

Still in shock, the post expressed how the motive for his death was “MONEY GREED,” and even though the cause of death has still not been specified, the post disclosed more input on his tragic passing.

“To all of Lee’s fans and supporters! I sincerely thank you for your outpouring love and condolences,” his wife stated before adding a prayer hand emoji.

“This catastrophic loss is totally unexpected and unbelievable! Lee Scratch Perry was not sick! I promise to get justice for the mishandling that took place! I promise I will not stop until we get justice from the people responsible for his death !!!” she declared.

With a string of frustrated emojis, she added, “Lee was so looking forward to building his LSP Paradise community with a studio and art house in December after the UK tour! He was also so happy about to begin touring with his music performances from October.”

“The people responsible for his death are not going get away with his passing !!! We have 100 percent that he would still be alive if they had not done what they did also out of MONEY GREED,” she concluded.

Fans, too, were shocked by the sudden accusations the post brought. While some fans continued to provide strength and motivation, others wanted to see receipts, declaring that the reggae legend seemed healthy in the days leading up to his sudden death.

As fans continued to express that they too thought his unexpected death was suspicious, Miri disclosed that she had hired a lawyer and was in the process of conducting a court case to get to the bottom of the situation as she too, is still confused.

Supporters continued to relay their thoughts on how healthy Lee was before his passing. Even though Miri wanted to reply, she noted that the court case had already begun, so she’s had to stay silent on the matter during the ongoing investigation.

Lee “Scratch” Perry was preparing to embark on his UK (2021 & 2022) starting on November 4, progressing into January 2022.

The reggae legend will undoubtedly, be remembered as one of the best in history for his transformative works within the Jamaican music industry that ultimately influence international music genres like rap.

Urban Islandz will keep you updated on any further developments in this matter.