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Teyana Taylor Shares Recent Health Score After Discovering Lumps In Her Breast

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert

Teyana Taylor shared that she recently had surgery on her breasts to remove lumps and that the experience was scary.

On Thursday, the rapper shared that she was worried about not being able to pick up her children after the surgery.

According to Teyana Taylor, the surgical procedure was done in Miami to remove the lumps.

“I just want this to be the last time I go through this,” Teyana, 30, said, adding that the procedure was “complicated.”

She shared the news while on an episode of the We Got Love Teyana & Iman reality show.

“Cancer runs through my family, so it’s a scary thing both for me and [my husband].” Teyana is married to Iman Shumpert.”

She also shared that since the surgery, the hardest part of her recovery was not being able to spend with her daughters Junie, 5, and Rue, 1, as she normally dies. She added that her doctors have given her the results of her biopsy, which shows she’s in the clear, but she has been told she cannot pick up her daughters for at least six weeks.

“When will I be able to hold my babies again?” she asked on the E! show. “It’s tough. I’m definitely overwhelmed because I miss my kids so much, I miss Iman so much. I think that’s probably the longest I’ve been away from them,” she said

She added that she’s ready to return home to Atlanta, where her family resides, as “I need to take care of what I need to take care of as well.”

Teyana also spoke about the challenges of being a mother.

“I accept every single body scar, everything that comes with mommy-hood, but the changes — physically, mentally, emotionally, it’s crazy. As mommies, we really are super-women. It’s been a rough year for me, but I feel like I overcame it and I did a great job of balancing everything, trying to be mommy, trying to be wife, trying to be entrepreneur and everything else I have going on. I just want to enjoy this moment and try not to think of the negative.”

Teyana and Iman Shumpert, a professional basketball player, have been married since October 2016. Both of her baby girls were born in bathrooms at home as the artist went into labor at home.

“Now when we buy homes, we always find a bathroom with great energy … but not in a million years would you be able to tell me we’d deliver both of our daughters in a bathroom without the assistance of a hospital!” she joked in 2020 following the birth of her daughter Rue.