Skillibeng Drops “Internet Badness” And Rumored Intence Diss Track “Soso Badniss”

Skillibeng is back on the airwaves with two new singles, “Internet War” and “Soso Badniss.”

Skilli drops off “Internet War,” a rumored Intence diss track, on August 22nd. The animated visuals for the track was created by Beans Edital and are reminiscent of the Arabic fusion beat featured on the newly released track. The fusion beat was done by no other than beatmaker and music producer Alberto Blackwood Jr. known as “Aalvero.”

“P***y, me nuh join internet war, p***y dem know man a star,” Skillibeng deejays over a trippy beat. The song speaks to his frustration and refusal to deal with internet trolls because they only can use comments while hiding behind a keypad. “Unnu soft like gyal, when ya comment and talk pony uh phone, me have the K inna me hand,” are amongst his lyrics.

The explosion in the background isn’t the only fire that has sparked with this song. It has had fans scrutinizing the lyrics as a diss track towards Intence and his fans. In the lyrics,” We have new song, nuff fi mi fans, no competition. None a dem cant clash me. Da p***y deh know him, wouldn’t last, control unu camp, no mix Skill up with no fag. Gunshot will touch you for dat. Lovely!,” fans can’t help but feeling it was a direct jab at Intence and slightly to the Vendetta Camp.

The ongoing beef between Skillibeng and Intence goes back to August 2020, where both artistes traded lyrics in a variety of diss tracks towards each other which led to heated words between the two artistes on social media.

It fully developed when Intence publicly stated, “Commonas dem be. Keep we self to we self nuh inna everybody yaad!!,” towards artistes that had various features with other artistes. Skillibeng likely viewed that statement as a direct attack and issued a response on Twitter. Since that social media back and forth, tensions have been high between the two camps.

In his new single, “Soso Badniss,” Skillibeng took things up a few notches and fired off some more shots at his nemesis.

“East side, soso badniss,” Skillibeng spits in his newest single, “Soso Badniss,” that he dropped on August 23rd along with “Internet War” a day earlier.

The single, “Soso Badniss,” is already #16 on Trending on YouTube with over 100K views, while its predecessor, “Internet War,” comes far ahead with twice as many views over the same period.