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Rick Ross Reveals Drake Text Reacting To Kanye West Leaking His Address

Rick Ross and Drake

Drake and Kanye’s beef is not as serious or personal as the media and the public believes. Rick Ross described the recently revived feud as “two levels of creativity-inspiring each other.”

Over the past few days, Drizzy and Ye have been making headlines after Drake disses Kanye West on Trippie Redd’s “Betrayal.” Some days later, Ye published Drake’s address on social media in a post that has since been deleted.

While some social media users have maintained that the feud between the two rappers is now heated, if the testament of Rick Ross is anything to go by, it might not be that much of a big of a deal and could be just a marketing gimmick for their albums.

Rick Ross, who dished some information in an interview on SiriusXM’s The Mike Muse Show has worked with both Drake and Kanye at the peak of their careers, and he appears to share a good relationship with them both.

During the interview, Rick Ross revealed that Drake sent him a quick message after Kanye leaked his address. He described it as “powerful,” but the message did not seem to be laced with anger as one would expect.

“Everything is unfolding. I’m about to be as free as a bird,” Drake allegedly wrote.

“And I just, I couldn’t do nothing but put ‘hahahaha’ because to me, I understand the genius to both of these artists, and I understand this is nothing personal to them,” Rick Ross explained. “This is two levels of creativity-inspiring each other…..I understand what Drake and Kanye are doing right now and it’s genius. They both inspiring each other.”

According to Ross, this is just an ‘iron sharpening iron’ situation that is not as deep as perceived.

“Kanye posted Drake’s address on Instagram, but who didn’t have Drake’s address already? It’s the only hundred million dollar estate in Canada. So if you don’t understand what’s going on, you would’ve thought that was personal. It really wasn’t. That’s just them getting ready for as Drake said ‘everything unfolding.'”

It is widely believed that Drake and Kanye have been beefing for about 12 years. However, Rick Ross could be right as both rappers habitually seek ways to ignite their creativity, even as they both are gearing up to release new albums.

Drake’s alleged “I’m about to be free” statement is still not fully understood by the public, but maybe, when or if Drake responds to Ye’s latest move, a sense of clarity will ensue.