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Kodak Black Shares He Injured Neck & Back In Gervonta Plane Crash

Kodak Black

Kodak Black says he is “not ok” after being involved in a plane crash with Gervonta Davis.

The Florida rapper shared that he is lucky to be alive after surviving a plane crash on Saturday night with boxer Gervonta Davis and others. Kodak Black has gotten many chances, and it seems that the rapper is again getting a new lease on life after walking away from the plane crash alive.

According to reports, the rapper was on board the private plane with Gervonta Davis and others when the plane crashed shortly after takeoff.

Davis shared news about the incident on his Instagram Live at the scene of the crash but said that he only had injuries to his feet and buttocks.

Kodak, however, noted that he had injuries on his neck and back but didn’t say further whether the injuries were extensive or serious.

“I Was On Dat Jet With @Gervontaa & Im Not Ok,” he wrote. “Sh*ttt Me, My Neck My Back all Dat.”

According to news reports from TMZ, the plane had taken off but failed to lift off into the air and crash-landed shortly after.

It’s unclear how many others were on the plane and if others were injured, but Davis reasoned that the incident might have occurred because the plane overheated.

Kodak Black, on the other hand, might be grateful for life, but he’s still in a sour mood over issues with Sniper Gang label and Jackboy, who he says still owes him and is “ungrateful.”

“I Still Ain’t Get My Money From This Ungrateful Lil B##ch Yet,” Kodak wrote in a since-deleted post on his Instagram Stories. “What’s Krazy A N***a Ain’t Even TRYING 2 Make These People Send Dat , No Kinda Effort To , But If I File This Lawsuit Or Sumn Ima B Green.”

Kodak Black had his sentence commuted by President Donald Trump as he demitted office last year.

The rapper, known for his extravagances like throwing money into the ocean and flushing money, has also undertaken several charitable ventures.