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Tory Lanez Dragged For Supporting Sha’Carri Richardson After Epic Lost

Tory Lanez is getting dragged online after sharing messages of support online for American track star Sha’Carri Richardson after performing abysmally at the Prefontaine Classic women’s 100 meters race on Saturday.

Tory Lanez, however, called for folks not to bring down Richardson but instead uplift her as a fellow black Queen.

“Sha’Carri ran a great race, not because she Won or Lost…because through all the adversity she got up and RAN AGAIN, and GAVE IT HER ALL… she went through a lot within the last month….n****** be on the app preaching all this “uplift” our queens …then tear em down,” he said on Twitter.

The Toronto rapper continued by saying that support should not be conditional.

“it be cool to support n***** when they get a video with Kanye tho… All I’m saying… don’t choose to be supportive to the people you champion when it’s convenient…BE REAL AND SUPPORTIVE 2 PEOPLE through they UPS AND DOWNS.”


Sha’Carri Richardson was handed a one-month suspension and missed the Olympics earlier this month after she tested positive for the banned substance- cannabis. Over the last month, she has hinted that she is a force to be reckoned with and that the Olympics won’t be the same without her. However, Jamaica which held the title for the Women’s 100-meter for the last few Olympics, delivered with the winner Elaine Thompson-Herah even scoring a new world record to become the fastest woman alive.

She usurped fellow Jamaican competitor Shelly-ann Fraser Pryce who previously held the title.

Richardson’s horrible performance saw her clocking 11.14 as she finished second to last in the race. In spite of that, the 21-year old was defiant as critics took to social media to drag her.

Fans, on the other hand, are not feeling Tory’s message as many waylaid into the rapper for his “Protect Black Queens” message when he is accused of not doing the same.

“Not Tory Talking bout uplifting queens,” one person commented.

Others were quick to reference Tory’s pending criminal trial with Megan Thee Stallion, in which the rapper is accused of shooting the “Thot Sh*t” rapper in her legs in 2020.

“says the man who shot a woman in the leg,” one person said.

Meanwhile, another fan noted that Tory failed to address the fact that the entire race had Queens.

“Definitely but she wasn’t the only Queen in the race it was a whole race of Queens!! And all the focus is on her no matter what.. imagine how the runners from Jamaica feel out here sweeping races setting records and getting no press no love!! Respect to all the Queens,” another person said.

Meanwhile, SZA shared congratulations to Jamaican Sprinter Herah and the other winners while wishing Sha’Carri well.

“Wishing Sha’carri so much happiness and success! Major congratulations to Elaine and all the beautiful black women that ran today!!! I can’t run a 10th as fast lol keep inspiring ladies,” she said.