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BIA Salutes Big Artists Who Work With Small Artists Amid Nicki Minaj Collab

BIA and Nicki Minaj

Rising hip hop star Bia is giving flowers where it’s due!

The “Cover Girl” rapper took to Twitter yesterday (July 27) to praise established entertainers who extend a helping hand to fresh/upcoming talent. “I have so much respect when bigger artists jump on smaller artists records bc so many people forget we all had to start somewhere!” BIA tweeted.

BIA gained extra recognition when Nicki Minaj jumped on her song “Whole Lotta Money” earlier this month. She showed her gratitude to Minaj when she agreed with a Twitter user who commented, “yesss and I’m so happy Nicki did this for u!!”

“Girl mee too dead a**” Bia responded.

Nicki Minaj also linked with the young rapper towards the end of an episode of a special Instagram LIVE version of Queen Radio last month. The “Pills and Potions” rapper brought Bia to the forefront and announced the collaboration, explaining how they ended up working together.

Nicki admitted that she reached out to Bia to share that she likes “Whole Lotta Money,” which originally appears on Bia’s December 2020 EP, “For Certain.” Nicki then discovered that Bia, whose real name is Bianca Landrau, had been trying to get her attention for three years by sending countless messages. Now that the 29-year-old has fulfilled a goal of being on a track with Nicki, her gratefulness is understandable.

“That’s the difference between who does it for the culture, and who does it for clout,” she added in another tweet.

Bia went on to share that she had previously been removed from songs because she was not widely exposed or recognized, despite how lit her verse was.

“I’ve got taken off songs because I wasn’t “big” enough even tho my verse was always LIKE THAT [fire emojis],” she said.

The rapper closed the thread with a word for the established artists, “Remember The openers of today, are the headliners of tomorrow.”

Bia’s “Whole Lotta Money” featuring Nicki Minaj reached the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100. She is also greatly recognized for her feature on J Balvin’s 2016 “Safari” and Russ’s 2019 “Best on Earth.”