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Alkaline & Bobby Shmurda Hit The Studio, Previews New Collab

Alkaline and Bobby Shmurda are cooking in the studio.

The Jamaican Dancehall star and the Brooklyn rapper, who has strong Jamaican roots, gets fans on social media excited after a fan page (alkaline_daily) shared some clips of them in the studio working on new music. Alkaline and Bobby Shmurda can be seen vibing to an unreleased song in synchrony while in the booth. They can also both be seen wearing headsets while around a condenser microphone and a full studio setup with an engineer at the table.

In other videos, an authentic dancehall rhythm plays in the background as the two artists gets in the zone. A snippet can also be heard with Alkaline dropping bars on the beat to which Shmurda responded with a Jamaican curse word, “Bloodc***t.”

Bobby Shmurda can also be seen rapping on the track, and he enjoys being in the studio with the Young Lawd, as he laughs and smiles while they smoke. The second clip shows Shmurda and Alkaline vibing as the New York rapper preview the track in the background.

The 26-year-old rapper was released from prison in February this year after serving five years for conspiracy to murder and weapons possession. His peers in the industry gave him a warm welcome, but he has yet to make a big push on the musical front since he’s working on his next album.

Shmurda, born Ackquille Jean Pollard, sent fans into a frenzy when he hit the stage for the first time since his release at Rolling Loud Miami last Friday (July 23). Bobby showcased his popular Shmurda dance, and fans screamed while reveling in the excitement of his performance.

In the meantime, the 27-year-old dancehall star has been making his own moves, with his independently released 14-track album Top Prize released in May, still fresh on the dancehall scene.

The Dancehall deejay also sampled the stage on the BRT Weekend Show in Atlantic City a few weeks ago but had received much criticism for his performance, including some unkind words from fellow dancehall star Bounty Killer.

While many social media users question the deejay’s performance skills, it is quite hard to deny his writing and singing/deejaying talent. He currently has a steady lineup of shows in the US as his die-hard fans are desperate to catch a glimpse of their beloved artiste.

A collaboration between the Young Lord and Bobby Shmurda, fans agree, would therefore be no joke!

“Waaaahhhh???!!! No sah! It’s officially over for every other dancehall artist!” one person expressed, while another added, “Bro this sound like it ago f*ck up road different.”

While fans are highly anticipating the finished product, neither Alkaline nor Bobby Shmurda have addressed the public or released any information regarding their recent studio linkup.

Alkaline’s sister and manager, Kerry, however, respond to a fan’s query regarding the possibility of the collab.

“Pls tell me this is reallIIII,” questioned the individual, to which Kerry gave a resounding, “Yes.”

Stay tune for more info on this upcoming collaboration.