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Romeich Says Teejay “Mental State” What Led To Split

Romeich and Teejay

Romeich Major dropped some hints on why Teejay left his team, saying it’s because of his “mental state.”

Disturbed by some negative feedback about Shenseea’s performance at Rolling Loud Miami on Saturday (July 23), Romeich joined DJ LavaSound’s ‘Chat and Laugh’ Instagram series to address the ‘haters’ and used the opportunity to share some bits about Teejay’s departure from his Entertainment outfit.

Romeich Major was responding to public criticisms that he has been a ‘bad manager’ to his artists. Fans on social media claim that’s what led to Teejay’s split from the team and later Shenseea’s move to her new manager, Wassim ‘Sal’ Slaiby.

“As uno see one likkle mix-up uno come bash people. One artist lef the team over fi him mental state,” he said, apparently about Teejay.

Teejay left the camp early last month and joined Sharon Burke’s Solid Agency. He maintained that there was no bad blood between him and his former team. In an interview with Sun City radio, the “Rags to Riches” deejay said he left Romeich Entertainment to pursue some goals for this year. “Mi have accomplishments weh mi try fi complete, every year mi have things weh mi try, mi have mi goals weh mi try fi achieve every year inna life.”

He added, “There is no bad vibes between me and Romeich Entertainment. Never.”

Romeich also sought to address naysayers who claim that he has done nothing to enhance and progress Teejay’s career.

“Mi nuh know how uno fi look pon the artiste and say mi never do nothing fi him career,” he said. “When mi sign dem, dem have less than 100k followers, dem have 800k and odd now. When mi sign dem, dem never have 100k subscribers, dem have 600k and odd subscriber. When mi sign dem, dem never have a work permit… dem have work permit and go tour the world.”

Romeich Major, who also manages Ding Dong and now co-manages Shenseea, is now convinced that no matter how much he and his team represent Jamaica and Dancehall globally, he is always set to receive backlash and negative comments.

Shenseea recently sought to clear the air on the managerial relationship she shares with Romeich after announcing her new manager. “This is a joint team effort and I am very loyal. I will still be working closely with Romeich Entertainment, I have my old team and a new team,” she told The Observer. “I feel like I’m starting over, but with experience, but on a bigger level.”

Romeich has undoubtedly been working to push his team to the top and has given back in many ways to Jamaican society, especially during the difficulties faced by the COVID 19 pandemic. There have always been negative comments and thoughts expressed on social media, and perhaps Major is officially getting weary.