Teejay Reportedly Left Romeich Ent For Solid Agency

Romeich and Teejay
Romeich Major, Teejay

Fans are speculating that Teejay has broken away from the Romeich Entertainment management and has set out on his own. While neither Romeich Major nor Teejay has officially confirmed the news, the rumor mill has been swirling for days as each seems to not have content with each other for at least a month now.

At present, Teejay is promoting an album, but Romeich Major has neither co-signed nor promoted the album on his social media account as he would usually do his artists. Romeich Entertainment’s cache of artists includes the likes of Shenseea, who is presently on tour in the United States, Ding Dong, and Teejay, who is also on tour in the U.S.

The alleged management separation comes as a surprise to many in the industry as Romeich only recently in an interview with Yendi Phillips, spoke highly of Teejay being one of the best dancehall artists in the industry. At that time, there didn’t seem to be any hint as to a rift between the two.

While nothing concrete exists to show that the parties have separated, Teejay has removed the Romeich Entertainment tagline from his Instagram page and has also listed independent booking information on his page. He is also in the U.S and has shared snippets of his various performances with fans, while Shenseea, who is also in the U.S., has been accompanied by Romeich and other members of the Romeich Ent team.

According to reports, Solid Agency now manages Teejay. The agency with listed address at Dumbarton Avenue in Kingston and owned by Sharon Burke has made several posts promoting his new songs and even shared a clip of him vibing with Timbaland to his song “Rags To Riches.” Teejay is, however, not listed as one of the Solid Agency’s roster of artists on their website, a check revealed.

The history between Romeich and Teejay is relatively short as Romeich scooped up the artiste in 2018 after his stunning performance at Reggae Sumfest in July of that year. After signing, Romeich noted, “I had seen Teejay and spoken to him more than once, where the question about management were asked, to which he replied no. But it was at Reggae Sumfest that I really paid attention to his overall attitude….the confidence Teejay demonstrated as a young artiste to perform at that time, working after the named “hot artiste” Rygin King, made me know he has what it takes to be a great entertainer.”

Before his signing, Teejay had his “buss” with “Up Top” and was in great demand as an artist. He solely marketed and promoted the song, and Romeich later produced a video for it after his signing.

Teejay at that time noted that being in good company with Shenseea and Ding Dong as label mates meant it was “it is a win-win situation,” for him.

It seems, though, that the issues between Teejay, whose real name is Timoy Jones, might have been brewing for a while. In 2019 Reggae Sumfest sought to book Teejay to perform at the show, and according to Skatta Burrell of Downsound Entertainment that hosts Reggae Sumfest, Romeich “prevented” Teejay from performing at one of the biggest reggae events in the world.

The issues stemmed from Downsound wanting to book Teejay as one of the hottest artists and Shenseea, but Romeich insisted that his three artists were a package deal and they should all be paid $1 million each.

Downsound instead offered to pay between $300,000 and $400,000 each for the artists, which Romeich declined, according to Skatta. However, Romeich disputed that he demanded that amount but refused to share what he asked for. However, He did make a point that Downsound was paying artists who weren’t “hotter” than his artists, 2-3 times a million, so even if he had asked for a million each, he felt that his artists were worth that amount.

Many fans were disappointed at Teejay’s lack of appearance as they were excited for him to perform, and some even surmised back then that the move by Romeich to not negotiate the artiste’s performance would negatively impact his career.

In the meantime, fans have taken to social media to muse on the reasons behind the assumed rift between Teejay and Romeich, with many forming their own theories as to why Teejay has left the label.