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Yung Bleu Share His Advice To Black Men Trying To Stay Faithful

Yung Bleu shares his advice for black men trying to stay faithful to their wives.

There’s no doubt that a lot of breakups that happen in recent times have something or the other to do with social media. A lot of times, someone might get caught slipping into a committed person’s DM’s or vice versa. We get to see this play out even more with celebrities and artists since just about everything they do is public and easily goes viral.

A special group of artists who know about this all too well is rappers, and one of them, Yung Bleu, has some simple advice for black men in particular who might be facing similar problems, just stay off of social media.

The “You’re Mine Still” singer took to YouTube over the weekend, July 17, to share his advice on how many of these social media breakups and conflicts can be easily avoided.

“My black men if u wanna be faithful just stay off social media,” he said in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Post and get Tf off ASAP…cuz soons u start scrolling …boom …ass n tities . Thats the devil my brother,” Yung Bleu added.

The day after he deleted the tweet, he got back on Twitter to explain his position on the matter. In his first tweet, he jokingly said, “Y’all stop listening to the sh*t I tweet I’m slow,” alongside a screenshot of the deleted tweet.

In another one, Yung Bleu went a bit deeper to explain what he was trying to say. “I just acknowledged that social media could be temptation. I never said u had to act on sh*t. But we lien if we say what we see on social media dnt make it harder. For me we just easy. I really was just speaking on a deeper convo me and my wife was having just opening up lol,” he posted.

A lot of fans were quick to point out that it’s just not that simple. However, it seems to have all been taken in good humor. Fans are looking forward to the release of his star-studded debut album Moon Boy which is expected on July 23.