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DaBaby Paid $10K To Perform Longer For His Fans

DaBaby gladly paid $10,000 to perform longer for his fans at the Summer Unlocked Concert at the Toyota Arena in Ontario last night (July 23).

With about eight minutes left in his performance and fans not ready for him to go, DaBaby granted his fans wish and announced that he will be paying the $10,000 to stick with them a little longer. Footage from the event has since been circulating on social media, landing the “Ball If I Want To” rapper mass commendations and positive feedback for showing fans that they are valued.

“So they just said we got eight minutes left and anything after 12 o’ clock is $10,000? So if I pay the $10,000 out my pocket I could give them a full show? Is that an option?” he asked in the viral video. The crowd did not hesitate to show their support for this idea with roaring shouts.

“Ya’ll mfs thought you were paying to see me I’m bout to pay to see ya’ll. Did you spend $10,000 on this sh*t?” he asked, to which the audience responded, “No!”

“Okay then. On the count of three let me hear you say ‘thank you Baby.”

After a big thanks from the audience, DaBaby asked a member of his team to pay the money to the promoters and continued his wild, energetic performance, much to fans’ satisfaction.

Despite being in the spotlight for non-musical developments over the years, DaBaby had previously expressed his love for “the game” and has shared dreams of going bigger than where he currently stands. The 29-year-old seems to understand that it is the support of fans and followers that bolstered his success and is apparently happy to give back through his performance.

One social media user commended his dedication to his fans; “Now that is a move!!! Celebs sometimes forget that their fans is why they’re up there doing their thing,” while another said, “That’s why I love him….he definitely gives us a show.”

The Summer Unlocked event featured performances from other stars, including Jack Harlow, Tyga, Polo G, Rick Ross, Bia, Rae Sremmurd, BlueBucks Clan, and Malaynah.

While fans say all the performances were lit at the event, DaBaby’s show-closing performance and his act of kindness took the cake.